Friday, February 13, 2015

La Reina || These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

So this past week has been one of the hardest I have had in my life. I literally had a breakdown and shut off communication with everybody with the exception of Sofia. But even that was hard to do. I just shut myself in my room and just went through the ups and downs in my mind. Depression is hard enough, but depression and Aspergers really explodes my mind. The things that have happened almost made me want to run away from everything. From my house, my family...just to have time to myself. It's a sad thing to say, but it's the truth. My mother kept her distance and I really didn't want to talk to my husband, so by the end of the day I was crying out everything that was bothering me. I have these breakdowns ever so often when things build up inside of me. Add that and lack of sleep and me being sick and you have a very cranky queen.

So I've been catching up on one of my favorite books to get my spirits up: 14,000 Things to Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer. If you don't have this book, I really recommend that you get a copy. It is a big book of smiles. Everything that could make you smile anyway.

I thought I'd go ahead and share my favorite things in this post and future ones. If it makes you smile then I have done a good job, but if it makes me smile then I know that I made the right decision with this list. (Note: These are not done in the order of the book itself)

1. social and emotional intelligence
2. hamburger pizza
3. the love of  good things I ate in my childhood
4. bringing beauty and meaning into life
5. diamond stars
6. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
7. holding your shoulders high
8. answers
9. the taste of cake batter
10. tender loving touches
11. the art in everyday life
12. rearranging the apartment/house
13. baby rings and bracelets
14. part of you always being a child
15. trampolines (though I really can't jump on them anymore)
16. sturdy stew in white bowls
17. chemise type sundresses
18. things you don't have to work at to enjoy
19. creamy clam chowders
20. the sensuality of a scalp rub
21. prizes you have won
22. hole in the middle cake donuts
23. sleeping sprawled out on the bed
24. rolling hills
25. a leaders words that stir a nation
26. the little things in life that really make your day go right
27. playing among big rocks
28. gratefulness
29. Ts and jeans
30. draft horses
31. hearing your children praised by others
32. tidings of comfort and joy
33. downloading music
34. late Sunday breakfast
35. homey touches
36. reliability
37. laundry soap
38. the onset of a peaceful feeling
39. a night without you or your partner snoring- BIG ONE HERE
40. leaves starting to turn
41. scrapbooking stores
42. going barefoot around the house
43. curling up with a book while the hubby is watching sports on TV
44. the magic curl of waves
45. reserving your own quiet corner
46. sleep things
47. payday
48. writing a book
49. resting under cool trees
50. having a passion in life

These are just some of them, but there are many more to come in future posts. Have a smile on me!

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  1. Those are sure a lot of favorite things, but don't we have them <3

    Love always,


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