Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Good Use of Warm Weather

So everybody know that everything is bigger in Texas. What everybody probably doesn't know is that Texas is the King of wonky weather. One minute it can we bone chilling cold and the next it can be 100 degrees.

Take like's the beginning of February and we are experiencing our first preview of warm weather. It's been in the 70s since Saturday. Greatness! The weather isn't going to last, we should be getting back to cold in few days, but damn...we love it!

So we decided to take Sofia outside to play with some chalk for the first time. She loved drawing on our driveway and we loved doing it with her. Juan laid her down and did outlines of her body and after seeing it, Sofia couldn't stop finding places to lay down.

After a little bit of coloring, we decided to go to the cul-de-sac across from our house to let Sofia ride on her tricycle for the first time outside. She would chase Juan and me with it and just had a great time laughing and riding her bike. I was just thrilled; we haven't had a lot of family time together like that. Juan works late at night so we just go with the flow in life, but it was wonderful.

Not that I'm rubbing our warm weather spell in anybody's face, but if this is what it feels like, I can't wait for spring!

Current fave pic!

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