Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday- Snow Day Edition

I usually do Confessional Friday along with Five on Friday but Leslie has had a health concern and I'm pretty sure is resting along with her babies sooo...maybe next time. I woke up this morning thinking it was a regular cold Ft. Worth morning until I walked into the living room and took a peek out of the window.

SNOW. LOTS of it ALLL over the place!

After my initial "oohing" and "ahhing", I decided that my Five on Friday would be dedicated to this wonderful snow day. Why not? It's not like we get snow like this frequently and it was a great opportunity to get some experience with my new camera. I still have a lot of learning to do with it, but why not have fun with it along the way?

1. Sofia woke up last and I was excited to take her out in the snow before it decided in Texan fashion to stop falling, but when she saw it and I asked her if she wanted to play in it, she replied in a almost teenage way: "Nooo..." Only when Papi asked her if she wanted to go out, did she decide that she was all for it. Daddy's girl all the way here.

2. We bundled up like we live in Wisconsin you guys, for serious. I mean shirts under shirts, leggings under pants, boots, coats, gloves, hats. You name it...we put it on.

3. Sofia has only seen ice like snow where you can just step on top of it and it won't make an indent so when she saw that she could walk in this kind, she was amazed. In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard her say "Wow...amazings!" twice.

4. Sofia loves her Dora umbrella. So much so she just traveled in the back yard with it. Didn't stop me from snapping her though. Here are some good pics of her with said umbrella:

Current Fave Pic

For some reason, my flash light kept coming up on my camera...see? Told you...still learning over here. I'll figure it out.

5. Sadly Juan couldn't have the whole day to play. Despite the snow on the ground and roads, he still had to go to work. Am I worried? Yep...but I trust his driving skills. Even though he has to work, that still didn't keep him from playing with Sofia a bit outside. The trash probably won't get taken by the trucks today...LOL.

It's pretty cold out, but if Sofia decides she wants to go back outside, I'll oblige her...just not with the camera this time. We'll savor this day together and keep Papi in our mind and hearts the whole time. Keep warm, everybody. I know we will.

Extra pics of our snow day

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  1. Stopping by from the link up :) Your little girl is such a cutie pie! Love her sweet lit'l stocking cap. :) Looks like you've been making the most of that snow! ;)


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