Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Member Profile: Matthew

Name: Matthew James
Crew of Funkadelics Name: Discoball
Birthdate: August 19, 1993
Relation: 3rd Cousin

Occupations: Instructor at The Little Gym, Food Services at Costco and a manny for two families.

Likes: running track, mexican food, the color blue, various convertibles, soccer, sofapillas, the color red, children

Dislikes: sitting still for long periods, seafood, unmannerly people

Something Matt Accomplished: Other than working hard at 4 different jobs, Matthew has happily found himself in doing so.

Ever have that one person in your family that brings up the spirit of everybody there? That's Matthew in our family. Immediately when this dude walks in my vicinity I can't help but feel love and warmth from my heart and from his being. He's just that awesome.

Matthew is my younger cousin and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful person in my life. He's generous, kind, funny and most importantly a man of God. He loves being around children and has quite a fanbase with Sofia. She loves hanging out with him when he comes over.

Like Eric, I used to babysit him with Courtney and their brother Jonny and he was placed deep in a place in my heart in the process; never to be thrown out of there. But as time went on, also like Eric, Matthew made less and less of an appearance and I wondered where he was. Turns out he was working his behind off like our cousin was. But not just with one job, with many! He was barely at home because he's making that money! Good for him, I say! He works at the Little Gym and is darn good at it! I've seen him in action with Sofia and love how good he is at it. He also has three other jobs listed above as well. I'm so proud of him, doing his thing in life. There is nothing I love more than ambition and a dream for your future, whatever it is.

Matt is the older brother of Courtney by two years but they are birthday mates. Yep, born on the same birthday. I'm not sure how they went about with birthdays but I'm sure it was chill. It doesn't help matters either that they almost look like twins! I mean look at them! He has a great relationship with her but also with his brother, Jonny and his brother Michael too.

Matthew has also been a member of my Crew of Funkadelics dance group for our talent show for years and years. One of the base members I would say. He has such a wild style of dancing; there is just no telling what will happen with him when it comes to dance, which is surprising as in the beginning we had to work a lot on his footwork. He amazes me now with his movements and the fact that he can do gymnastics moves too. Go Matt!

What do I want for Matty? I want nothing but happiness for him. I hope he gets to travel, have a loving wife and a family that he can be comfortable with. The same amount of happiness he gives me, I want two fold for him because believe me when I say this: He deserves every bit of it.

More pictures of Matthew

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