Sunday, February 8, 2015

El Rey's 30th!

101 in 1001 Goal #7. Give Juan a Great 30th Birthday Party

2015 is the year that both my husband and I turn 30 and as such I knew that I had to plan way way ahead to figure out what to do for his. At first I was thinking big like maybe having his party at the Rangers Stadium, but that fell really quick because 1. I didn't have the vast amount of money that it cost and 2. It's not baseball season so what's the point?

So what I decided to do was to give him a surprise birthday party at the house. I knew he wouldn't ever expect it as he's really laid back and doesn't really expect much for himself. I invited everybody I could to come  and surprise him way back in like August. I wanted to make sure people had the time to set the date. My sister in law Fatima and my cousin in law, Karina were huge helps in planning this. Many many thanks to them as well as my brother in law, Daniel.

Fast forward to the day of January 31st which was like any normal birthday for Juan. We all with the exception of Sofia had minimum amounts of sleep the night before for reasons varied. Juan couldn't sleep, I was too nervous to sleep and my mother who was my party co-host was up pretty late as well. I would say I got about two hours tops of sleep. But anyway...we just pretended to act like nothing was going to happen today-just maybe dinner and a movie. Then Juan got dressed and said that he was going to help Daniel move a TV.

FALSE: Daniel had to find an excuse to get Juan out of the house and so called him to ask him. Everybody already knew.

As soon as the king left, my mom and I scrambled to get the rest of the house clean, decorate it and get ourselves and Sofia dressed before guests arrived in three hours. Once everything was ready, people started to arrive. Juan's family, some of my family, our neighbors and Mom's best friend. We chatted for a while waiting for Daniel to come back with Juan in tow.

But alas...

The king wasn't going to be deterred from heading home. He came back with out his brother and we hurried to hide in my tiny kitchen. Because we didn't have time to plan how we are going to say it, only a few people said "SURPRISE!" But you wouldn't have noticed that by how surprised Juan really was.

He was extremely happy everybody all came out to celebrate his birthday. I got him dressed in his dressy black shirt and he mingled while the food was being made. Everyone loved the food that his mother and aunt made and after food, Juan opened his presents. He got a few gift cards, some shirts and jeans and a pair of tennis shoes.

Then came the cake. I put 300 instead of 30 on the candles as a cute joke to which everybody laughed. Sofia helped Juan blow out the candles and we all had some tres leches cake which tasted sooo good. We had cupcakes for people who weren't too used to the different kind of cake.

The night ended with dancing and chatting and my hubby was a happy man.

As for myself...I had a great nights sleep.

Blurry birthday boy

Chile con carne

Juan's tres leches birthday cake. Yes...he is turning 300.

Sofia helping her Papi blowing the candles out.

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  1. What a beautiful cake! Happy Birthday to him! I love that you surprised him. I can't keep a secret to save my life, but I bet it would be fun to try =)


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