Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Current Affairs

I have been thinking not long ago about how good the Lord is being to me. Last week was really hard for me and I while I don't remember praying to the Lord about how I needed his assistance, but still he had me in his arms and brought what was needed to set things straight.

I am in love with my nephew. Like just nothing but pure love for him. Miguel's a little bit of a chunk at three months old, but I'm all for hold all that chunkiness just to see him smile at me or even better-laugh at me. It makes me feel like he knows I'm one of his aunts. That might change as he gets older and won't want to come to me but for now, I'm taking snuggles and laughs and giggles as much as I can get.

Current plans as of now are focused on getting things up and going for my photography business. Now that our tax return has come and I have gotten my share, I have already gotten my new camera. Now it's just time to get some advertising out there! I'm about to print up some flyers and business cards and am about to put my name around the city.  Also I am thinking about a  new project: Blessing Bags. These will be bags that have travel sized necessities that I will be giving out to the homeless. Like I said, still in planning stage, but I really want to go through with this.

EMPIRE. All the way! I had heard that it was a great show and so caught it on Hulu. I wasn't disappointed in the least! Just as I had read before, it's just like a urban Glee. Love it! I'm also getting hooked on Nikita which I have been catching up on with Netflix. How have I not watched this show before?  Michael is so freaking sexy...Nikki is a lucky girl for serious!

Hakeem Lyon, Andre Lyon, Jamal Lyon, Cookie Lyon
and Lucious Lyon

Spotify is my best friend. Seriously, it has been it for me. No more Pandora. No more Windows Media Player. It's all Spotify. I have been listening to everything under the sun, but mostly my favorites and my novel soundtracks. If you haven't heard of or used Spotify yet, you are missing out! Right now my favorite songs are Uptown Funk by Mark Bronson and Take Me to Church by Hozier.

I have been in kindle book heaven lately. I have just got through reading both Destino and The Wild Side. Both are erotic romances or at least Destino is. The Wild Side, I'm not too sure about...but they are both hot hot hot.

Destino is by Sienna Mynx and is part of an interracial romance series based in Italy. It's about a woman named Mira who is there for business. When she notices Giovanni, who is a very powerful Don, she tries her best to keep her mind straight, but with a strong sexy man like that always in her path, you know that she can only hold on for so long.  I love this story so much already and can't wait to read the next in the line.

The Wild Side by R.K. Lilley is a about a older man named Alasdair who meets up with the mysterious younger Iris who just constantly rocks his world, physically and mentally as she's not exactly a normal girl. Now I couldn't really get into this one as much as Destino, but I'm always up for rereading just to get it straight.

 There is nothing really being written on in my novels; I'm kind of in a break mode right now. There isn't really any writers block, I just think I need a bit of brainstorming and character fleshing first. I have been using TVtropes.org to help with that some and I'll be getting a book in the mail that will be of good use too.

Nothing at the moment...I did do some pictures outside with Sofia's chalk play, but in the future on May 8th to be exact, I'll be photographing my first ever wedding. Well not my first wedding; Daniel and Fatima's was the first of that, but first paid wedding shoot anyway. I'm excited to see what comes of that and even more excited to see what becomes of my future as a photographer. The sky's the limit!

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