Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Days- I'm Pregnant?!

All of you have seen the beautiful little human that is our daughter, but I have yet to tell you the story of how I found out she was growing inside me and how I had told my husband to be at the time. There wasn't any kind of party or surprise cards or anything cute like is expected. But it was special to me and mine and therefor is special enough to share!

Juan and I had been talking about having children on and off and I knew at first he was wary of it because we weren't married, didn't have a house to call our own and was just living in our first apartment. After as time went on, Juan warmed up to the idea and we started making less use of our birth control. I was excited but worried as well because my cycles are erratic and I wasn't too sure at the time if that would mess with the chances to have children. I'm not going to lie, I started using fertility websites to keep track on my symptoms to see how I was going along.

Finding Out
After many episodes with el rey, I started realizing that there were differences in my body. My hips were starting to get painful as well as my breasts and I was getting tired more often. Being a patient transporter during that time wasn't good for fatigue. The most unique change was how hyper-sensitive my nose was now! I could smell exhaust from ambulance bay the entrance of the emergency pavilion where I was standing. That was a good distance too! So I started wondering if I was already pregnant and started asking my friends, co-workers and family what they thought.

They thought I was out of my mind...

Telling me that my brain could convince my body it was pregnant and stuff like that. At first I didn't believe them, but when I kept getting negative pregnancy tests, I started questioning my mind as well. "Was I going crazy with this want of a child?" Then one day...September 7, 2011 to be exact, I was sitting at my computer somewhat depressed. Why? Because I was officially unemployed at that point in time. I didn't want to risk my pregnancy pushing people and down hills in beds if it was in fact real. So after leaving the hospital, I was alone and wondering if I had done this for nothing. But something told me...

Something told me to take one more test. So I did, half way thinking that it was a waste of time. But after waiting, looked down and there it was: PREGNANT. I was so surprised that all I said was "Holy shit." I was going to have a little baby boy or girl!

Telling Him
After finding out, I called my mom first to see what she thought about it and how I should tell Juan. She was excited and after we chatted a bit, I took a picture of the test and sent it to Juan to see how he would react and how fast it would take for him to call back. I'll tell ya'll took forever for him to get back, so I called him saying, "Did you get my picture?"

"What picture?"

"Look at it and then call me back."

We hung up and not even five minutes later he called back

"Holy shit." 

"I know right?!"

Thus started our journey to becoming parents. We already knew that if the baby was a girl we would name her Sofia Anneliese, but the boy name was in question. That didn't matter too much at the time to me; I was just happy that I was going to be become a mother and now today I'm happy that I'm mother to this ray of sunshine that brightens our lives everyday.

Very happy indeed!

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