Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NOM NOM NOM: Start of the Royal Menu

As I have been looking around the blog world lately, I've been noticing a rise of Meal Plans for their weeks. They all look so thought out and healthy to boot. So that got me to thinking: Why can't I do the same for my family? I want to lose weight, this is for sure but more than anything I want Sofia to eat better. I really haven't been doing a good job with that. So I got my butt into gear as we are going to go grocery shopping later on today and finally made my first real meal plan. So without further ado: THE ROYAL MENU

I'm hopeful that I can keep this planning going for a long while; if it helps us eat a little better then it's worth it.

The shrimp cocktail is for dinner tonight. It's super simple to make if not a little messy. Just boil some small sized shrimp in a pot while chopping up tomatoes and avocados. On the side have a large bowl full of V8 vegetable juice waiting. Once the shrimp and the veggies are done, slide them on into the juice and stir. Voila! This dish is usually eaten with crackers, but anything you fancy will do. The king and I always like to put lime juice and hot sauce in it. Also something that king does that I opt out of is putting some onions on top of your serving. Whatever you decide, this is a pretty good meal. It's usually something we make for summertime as sometimes it's cold. But I've been having a huge craving for it.

Here are some recipes to other dishes I'm making. Enjoy your week, everybody!

Pancake Squares
Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas

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