Friday, January 16, 2015

Confessional and 5 on Friday- 1/16/15

Welp! It's that time...time to confess on the final day of the week-FRIDAY, baby! There aren't really a lot of things to confess and nothing I really need to get on my knees for to ask for forgiveness or something like that, but still they are worth noting in this life of mine! Hopefully yours are just as unique or moreso than mine. Here goes!

1. I confess that I have been backpedaling on posts. Which means that I have been finding pictures in my computer and making new posts for past dates. That's why in my archive 2013 looks so freaking little compared to the other years! That's when I really wasn't blogging as much and so I have all this stuff I want to share and remember but no posts for them. Right now I'm working on our vacation to Arizona for our family reunion. Feel free to have a look in the travel page to read up on it here!

2. I confess that I have been falling through on a new daily schedule that I planned for me and Sofia. I had made it because I wanted to have some kind of variety during the day, but after about two weeks, here I am just sitting here in my pajamas. Has the schedule fallen permanently? I wouldn't say so. It really is a good thing for us, but sometimes I just head into a slump. Hopefully it will go away sooner rather than later. Cause a slumpy queen isn't a happy one. Just saying.

3. I confess that I'm am nearly salivating at the thought of tax returns. I can't tell you enough how happy I will be to have some extra money in the house. I could get a new camera and flash because my camera is becoming a bit subpar. I can call in a couple of visits to my physical therapist to get some work done on my hips and spine. I can pay off my debt payment to my bank account (which is now closed because American Airlines took out TWO payments for one trip.) I can get new clothes or a new hairstyle. It's amazing what I can do with 2000 dollars; my half of the returns. Please, could not come fast enough!

Other than my confessions, there are also some other random things going on in my life for Five on Friday! Here they are:

1. I finally got paid for once for my photography. See, all of the other sessions were mostly for experience and for my portfolio. I did a photo session of the family of my dad's best friend, Louis. I have grown up with them since I was about eight and I was all too happy to take pictures. The session came out wonderfully and I will post more about it in a later post. But here's a sneak peek of it!

Some things never change...

2. I'm happy to say while we are on the subject of photography that I will be doing my first official wedding for Something Snapped on May 8th. I did my brother in law Daniel's wedding to Fatima just for fun sake and that was what prompted me to make a business out of it. So to do another real wedding is just icing on the cake.  I'm so excited!

3. Sofia's newest set of words are "Hey Mommy, what's up?" Believe me, I was completely shocked when she first said it to me. It's a real trip when she blows my mind with new words. She's so intelligent. She can sing the ABC song...she still needs work pronouncing the letters but still it's so awesome to know that she can do that. She can count up to 12 as well. I love it.

4. This is going to be the year that I finally get my drivers licence. I won't stand for another year without driving. There is so much I could be doing in my life with a car and I can't wait to explore my world much more than I'm used to. Maybe next  years tax return will help me get my first car too. But first experience driving.

5. I'm excited to figure out what tutu I want to buy for Sofia's birthday photo session. I'm making it my tradition to take pictures of her in ballerina tutus every year before the day of her birthday. The last two years worked out pretty well. She's a natural at the tutu poses.

Before her 1st birthday

Before her 2nd birthday

So that's all for my Friday link ups. Head on over to put  your confessionals in as well!


  1. Good luck with working on getting your driver's license!

  2. I am so wishing that we got a tax return. Instead, we owe money. WAHHH :( Have fun spending!!!


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