Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Month of Instagram- January 2015

Doing Papi's hair on New Years

Sofia joining in Praise and Worship at church

Looking at her first bible


Little Big Papi

Sofia's new hiding place at Uncle Speedo's

Still can't help taking that sleep picture

The birthday boy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NOM NOM NOM: Start of the Royal Menu

As I have been looking around the blog world lately, I've been noticing a rise of Meal Plans for their weeks. They all look so thought out and healthy to boot. So that got me to thinking: Why can't I do the same for my family? I want to lose weight, this is for sure but more than anything I want Sofia to eat better. I really haven't been doing a good job with that. So I got my butt into gear as we are going to go grocery shopping later on today and finally made my first real meal plan. So without further ado: THE ROYAL MENU

I'm hopeful that I can keep this planning going for a long while; if it helps us eat a little better then it's worth it.

The shrimp cocktail is for dinner tonight. It's super simple to make if not a little messy. Just boil some small sized shrimp in a pot while chopping up tomatoes and avocados. On the side have a large bowl full of V8 vegetable juice waiting. Once the shrimp and the veggies are done, slide them on into the juice and stir. Voila! This dish is usually eaten with crackers, but anything you fancy will do. The king and I always like to put lime juice and hot sauce in it. Also something that king does that I opt out of is putting some onions on top of your serving. Whatever you decide, this is a pretty good meal. It's usually something we make for summertime as sometimes it's cold. But I've been having a huge craving for it.

Here are some recipes to other dishes I'm making. Enjoy your week, everybody!

Pancake Squares
Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas

Friday, January 16, 2015

Confessional and 5 on Friday- 1/16/15

Welp! It's that time...time to confess on the final day of the week-FRIDAY, baby! There aren't really a lot of things to confess and nothing I really need to get on my knees for to ask for forgiveness or something like that, but still they are worth noting in this life of mine! Hopefully yours are just as unique or moreso than mine. Here goes!

1. I confess that I have been backpedaling on posts. Which means that I have been finding pictures in my computer and making new posts for past dates. That's why in my archive 2013 looks so freaking little compared to the other years! That's when I really wasn't blogging as much and so I have all this stuff I want to share and remember but no posts for them. Right now I'm working on our vacation to Arizona for our family reunion. Feel free to have a look in the travel page to read up on it here!

2. I confess that I have been falling through on a new daily schedule that I planned for me and Sofia. I had made it because I wanted to have some kind of variety during the day, but after about two weeks, here I am just sitting here in my pajamas. Has the schedule fallen permanently? I wouldn't say so. It really is a good thing for us, but sometimes I just head into a slump. Hopefully it will go away sooner rather than later. Cause a slumpy queen isn't a happy one. Just saying.

3. I confess that I'm am nearly salivating at the thought of tax returns. I can't tell you enough how happy I will be to have some extra money in the house. I could get a new camera and flash because my camera is becoming a bit subpar. I can call in a couple of visits to my physical therapist to get some work done on my hips and spine. I can pay off my debt payment to my bank account (which is now closed because American Airlines took out TWO payments for one trip.) I can get new clothes or a new hairstyle. It's amazing what I can do with 2000 dollars; my half of the returns. Please, could not come fast enough!

Other than my confessions, there are also some other random things going on in my life for Five on Friday! Here they are:

1. I finally got paid for once for my photography. See, all of the other sessions were mostly for experience and for my portfolio. I did a photo session of the family of my dad's best friend, Louis. I have grown up with them since I was about eight and I was all too happy to take pictures. The session came out wonderfully and I will post more about it in a later post. But here's a sneak peek of it!

Some things never change...

2. I'm happy to say while we are on the subject of photography that I will be doing my first official wedding for Something Snapped on May 8th. I did my brother in law Daniel's wedding to Fatima just for fun sake and that was what prompted me to make a business out of it. So to do another real wedding is just icing on the cake.  I'm so excited!

3. Sofia's newest set of words are "Hey Mommy, what's up?" Believe me, I was completely shocked when she first said it to me. It's a real trip when she blows my mind with new words. She's so intelligent. She can sing the ABC song...she still needs work pronouncing the letters but still it's so awesome to know that she can do that. She can count up to 12 as well. I love it.

4. This is going to be the year that I finally get my drivers licence. I won't stand for another year without driving. There is so much I could be doing in my life with a car and I can't wait to explore my world much more than I'm used to. Maybe next  years tax return will help me get my first car too. But first experience driving.

5. I'm excited to figure out what tutu I want to buy for Sofia's birthday photo session. I'm making it my tradition to take pictures of her in ballerina tutus every year before the day of her birthday. The last two years worked out pretty well. She's a natural at the tutu poses.

Before her 1st birthday

Before her 2nd birthday

So that's all for my Friday link ups. Head on over to put  your confessionals in as well!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Days- I'm Pregnant?!

All of you have seen the beautiful little human that is our daughter, but I have yet to tell you the story of how I found out she was growing inside me and how I had told my husband to be at the time. There wasn't any kind of party or surprise cards or anything cute like is expected. But it was special to me and mine and therefor is special enough to share!

Juan and I had been talking about having children on and off and I knew at first he was wary of it because we weren't married, didn't have a house to call our own and was just living in our first apartment. After as time went on, Juan warmed up to the idea and we started making less use of our birth control. I was excited but worried as well because my cycles are erratic and I wasn't too sure at the time if that would mess with the chances to have children. I'm not going to lie, I started using fertility websites to keep track on my symptoms to see how I was going along.

Finding Out
After many episodes with el rey, I started realizing that there were differences in my body. My hips were starting to get painful as well as my breasts and I was getting tired more often. Being a patient transporter during that time wasn't good for fatigue. The most unique change was how hyper-sensitive my nose was now! I could smell exhaust from ambulance bay the entrance of the emergency pavilion where I was standing. That was a good distance too! So I started wondering if I was already pregnant and started asking my friends, co-workers and family what they thought.

They thought I was out of my mind...

Telling me that my brain could convince my body it was pregnant and stuff like that. At first I didn't believe them, but when I kept getting negative pregnancy tests, I started questioning my mind as well. "Was I going crazy with this want of a child?" Then one day...September 7, 2011 to be exact, I was sitting at my computer somewhat depressed. Why? Because I was officially unemployed at that point in time. I didn't want to risk my pregnancy pushing people and down hills in beds if it was in fact real. So after leaving the hospital, I was alone and wondering if I had done this for nothing. But something told me...

Something told me to take one more test. So I did, half way thinking that it was a waste of time. But after waiting, looked down and there it was: PREGNANT. I was so surprised that all I said was "Holy shit." I was going to have a little baby boy or girl!

Telling Him
After finding out, I called my mom first to see what she thought about it and how I should tell Juan. She was excited and after we chatted a bit, I took a picture of the test and sent it to Juan to see how he would react and how fast it would take for him to call back. I'll tell ya'll took forever for him to get back, so I called him saying, "Did you get my picture?"

"What picture?"

"Look at it and then call me back."

We hung up and not even five minutes later he called back

"Holy shit." 

"I know right?!"

Thus started our journey to becoming parents. We already knew that if the baby was a girl we would name her Sofia Anneliese, but the boy name was in question. That didn't matter too much at the time to me; I was just happy that I was going to be become a mother and now today I'm happy that I'm mother to this ray of sunshine that brightens our lives everyday.

Very happy indeed!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Something Snapped Session: Baby Miguel- 3 weeks old

For those of you who have been following along, my sibling-in-laws, Daniel and Fatima had their little boy almost two months ago. Two months! I can't believe he's been here that long already! I'm telling you, I'm already in love with my nephew. Every time we go over to the house to seem them, I some how find him just laying on my stomach, staring me deep in my eyes. It's love I tell ya! I was even the one who gave him his nickname: Chapito which means from what I know, "little Chapo". Correct me if I'm wrong!

This photo session is just a candid newborn shoot for when Chapito was just about to be a month old. He has other ones, but I'm glad I was able to take a few too for Fatima to look back on and smile at.

My favorite picture
And here are some cute extras, because I can't get enough of my nephew! Sooner or later, there will be some chunk I can ooh and aww at!

Yes, Jesus Loves Me...

Matthew 19:14  Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

For as long as I've known that I wanted to have Juan's children, I knew that there was no way that I was going to be the kind of wife and mother that wanted to restrict my child's religious path. So when Sofia came to us, we decided that we would leave it up to her to decide from our two religions. Right now because she's so young we are just going with the flow and take her go to church with us when we go, but when she's an adult and she decides that she wants to take her religious path in a different direction from where we are, that's okay too. I personally believe that your journey with the Lord is a personal one; not one that anybody can force you to travel upon.

Today, we had Sofia dedicated to the Lord at our church. I just knew that when I started going to a new church home that we were going to do it because it had always been our plan to get her dedicated from whatever church I go to and then also get her dedicated in what ever way in Juan's catholic church that he grew up in. He doesn't go to it now, he goes with me but still I'm sure he and his family would like to know that Sofia has a choice and has a starting point wherever she goes.

She was just gorgeous in her black and white dress. I wanted to make sure she looked her best because we were going to be standing in front of lots of people in the sanctuary. When we got to church, Sofia was kind of shy; she's not to fond of us leaving her behind in the nursery when we go to hear the word.

But as the music came on and she saw all of her family, she loosened up and was good enough to even talk to the pastor as he introduced us. In fact once she saw the microphone he was holding, it was all over. It was the Sofia show and she made sure everybody knew it, chatting and smiling hard. Juan and I were so proud and so happy that everybody extended their hands to us and prayed over our little princesa. Afterwards, she even got a little bible with her name engraved in it.

We are extremely lucky to have this church home-this place that has people who care for us so much. I can't thank them enough and I can't thank the Lord enough for placing this lovely little girl into my life.

Here are some more pictures of the dedication:

Yes, Jesus loves me...the bible tells me so...

Mingle 240

Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday 2014 Recap- The Final Talent Show

2015 is here and even though some people have resolutions, I'm feeling like I really don't have any new ones so I'm just happy I'm alive and ready to take on this new year!

In all the rush of the past holiday season, I wasn't able to blog as often as I wanted. Well that and the fact that I really haven't been into blogging, or the whole feeling of the holidays really.

It happens...what can I say?

One of the main holiday events that passed by was my family's final talent show which was on December 20th. Was it the best?


But it's a bittersweet feeling, knowing that there won't be rehearsal this upcoming September-November. The last show has been a long time coming and as more and more talent shows went by, I could feel this tension...this stress around them. Like the family wasn't as into them anymore. After 25 years, it made sense, but it saddened me that we were losing interest in our unique family tradition; because this really was the glue keeping our family together.

We aren't really close otherwise. We don't just go and hang out at somebody's house or just randomly call to check in on each other. It's like we become strangers and the show helped us bond. But now...who knows when we'll meet up again?

With this year, we had a lot of great acts but just the same... A LOT of malfunctions with the music, lights and tech. So by the time we got to our finale, our guests were a bit bored. All in all, we were happy with how our show came out!

Here are some pictures that were taken by one of our family members. Sorry in advance of the blurry pics; it was very dark in there.

My mom and my cousins singing Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

My aunt Kim as Stevie Wonder with Kearrah and M'Kya as the Stevettes.

My grandmother as Tina Turner with my great uncle and the littles.

Myself singing I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
This song was the first song I performed when I was 7.
It was only fitting to finish the show with it.

The family singing Love by Kirk Franklin

Sofia's first and only performance in Shakira with my mom.

My cousin Lori performing Unforgettable

Our last Crew of Funkadelics act to Thank You by
Sly and the Family Stone

Did you know my family can play music instruments too? So talented really.

Our finale act: 2 Legit 2 Quit

Maybe one day we will decide to bring the talent show back to life, but for now it's fine where it our memories.

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