Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Month of Instagram || December 2015

Winter is in full swing and I'm keeping warm with some new sockies

Sofia and her visit with Santa went very well

Me and my Kay Kay

Sofia painting her first gingerbread house decoration

Still a huge fan of Tom and Jerry

I give my in laws Christmas tree a 8

Just a random Selfie of moi

Awkward hug, much?

Her hair is constantly growing and with the exception of tangles
I love it!

The star of our Christmas card

Diva princess on Christmas

Sofia's favorite Christmas present

Just a collage of me and my favorite lady

Showing off my new braids. Thanks Courtney!

The only man I want to kiss on the New Year

I know this is literally taken on the new year...but I couldn't resist
the cuteness.

The Royal Vault || 2015

New Years Eve already? Then you know what that's time to head into the Royal Vault to put the Ortiz memories of 2015 in a good spot. This year was such a roller coaster for me. From going into a deep dark depression to heading into wonderful happiness. I hope you all will join me as I stroll down memory lane along the year of 2015.

Here we go!

2015 || January

~ We had a low key New Years Eve and New Years Day. Sofia spent it fixing her Papi's hair. A future beautician in the making, maybe?

~ Sofia got dedicated to the Lord at our church.

~ We celebrated El Rey's birthday with a surprise party! He was indeed surprised and he loved it!

2015 || February

~ I bought a new camera: a Nikon D3200. I fell in love with it and was ready to further my experience for my business. I also bought a new camera bag too from Snugglens.

~ There was an unexpected warm day during this month. We took advantage of it by playing outside. Now keep this warm day in your mind...

~ I went to Olive Garden with El Rey for Valentine's Day '15. Then I had some cuddles with my littlest valentine.

~ Remember that warm day I told you about? Yeah, February showed it's true nature and gave us a snow day to remember!

2015 || March

~ I was unexpectedly diagnosed with type II diabetes. Following that diagnosis, I fell into a mental breakdown. Things were pretty hard in this month as I struggled to adjust my new lifestyle.

~ I started a basic photography class for my new camera. I snapped photos everywhere, trying to get used to manual settings.

~ During the recovery of my depression, I managed to take some magnificent photos of my mother at the place I felt most at peace: church.

~ We had a good relaxing day with la familia. Good laughs, warm food and big smiles.

2015 || April

~ Easter 2015 was a cold one. So cold that I didn't know how La Princesa could keep searching for eggs. But she did!

~ La Princesa turned three! We celebrated her birthday at Bicentennial Park with a small party.

2015 || May

~ Focused my camera on Tanja and Ruben for my first wedding session ever!

~ I got a new somewhat new car from my neighbors! Things were starting to look up!

~ I focused my camera on...myself! I did some self portraits for a Clickin Mom's project.

~ Mother's Day happened. Still one of the best days ever invented in my opinion.

~ There was major flooding in Texas for basically the entire month. I praise God that nothing horrible happened to us or our home.

2015 || June

~ We had our first royal family photo of 2015. I had planned to make it so we had one every season, but that didn't seem to happen.

~ Kearrah celebrated her 10th birthday at Putt Putt. It rained but we still made some good fun out of it.

~ Father's Day also happened. We got El Rey a new shirt that described him in full detail that day!

2015 || July

~ We spent the month doing different Church activities.

~ July 4th of 2015. We went to my mom's best friend's house to celebrate.

~ We had a small birthday party for my mom on her big day.

~ A big event happened for 30th birthday! We celebrated it with TWO parties. The first was a surprise party at my in-laws house. El Rey thought of everything with his sweet self!

~ The second party was at our house. It was half party/ half family game night. I kicked booty at both Scattergories and Hollywood Game Night! Best believe!

~ I focused my camera on Sofia for a morning photoshoot.

~ I changed the look of RTOK. It's more clean and better to look around.

2015 || August

~ I focused my camera on my mom for a photo session at Trinity Park

~ I focused my camera on Michelle for her quinceanera. She was the niece of my neighbors next door.

~ We spent a day at the Water Gardens in Downtown Ft. Worth with Sofia and Kearrah.

2015 || September

~ Bianca and Ruben had a couples shower that El Rey and I went to.

~ I focused my camera on my cousin Amber for a maternity session.

~ I caught Hand Foot Mouth and was out of commission for a week and a half.

~ I got my certificate for finishing my written test for driving

2015 || October

~ Ruben and Bianca were married! Juan was a groomsman and Sofia was flower girl!

~ Chapito turned one! Because it was raining though, we didn't celebrate his party outdoors. We did however go to his baptism.

~ Anastasia turned two! Sofia had a blast playing at the park that her birthday part was at.

~ Caiden was born and I was able to focus my camera on this special occasion.

~ Halloween 2015 was cold and windy but we had a blast at Fallfest!

2015 || November

~ El Rey and I celebrated our 4th anniversary with a staycation for the weekend.

~ Chapito had his birthday party on that same weekend!

~ I brought back To-Know-Me Tuesday with a co-host, Sonya!

~ My mom and I started to volunteer for Fort Worth Metro. We helped give away free turkeys to needy families. Good feelings all over!

~ Thanksgiving 2015 was at my cousin Lori's house and it didn't disappoint!

~ My cousin Ryan and Jodi were married. Guess who was a flower girl again? No, really...guess!

2015 || December

~ Mom and I volunteered again at Metro. This time we helped give away bikes to kids! I'm thinking this might be a permanent thing for me to do in life.

~ We got a new Christmas tree and Sofia helped put our first ever star on top.

~ I focused my camera on Sofia for holiday photos made for cards.

~ La Princesa got invited to a Christmas party at the neighbors.

~ We got a holiday family photo done at church.

~ Sofia did a program at the church as well...but that didn't go as well as the family photo, me thinks.

~ Christmas for Sofia? Greatness. Christmas for moi? Not so much. But it was with family so I'm thankful for that much.

~ Courtney braided my hair and just in time for New Years Eve!

and that...was 2015 in the Ortiz Kingdom.

So what's going to be different this new year? Language. Language for all of us. Spanish for La Reina, English for El Rey and words in general for La Princesa. I'm also going to finally truly get my license. This year is it! No more asking for rides. I'm done with it. I don't know what 2016 has in store for me, but being under the Lord's guidance and having my family alongside me is a really comforting feeling. I'm ready!

* Locks the royal vault and puts the key in her pocket*

Happy New Year to all of my awesome readers.

Past Royal Vault Years


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