Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Royal Vault || 2014

Another year gone and I find myself making my way to the royal vault to put our year of 2014 to rest. Time for new resolutions and nostalgia born feelings as I do so but I got to tell you all. I'm pleased with what this year has given me. I can't wait to share it with you. Come on in!

2014 || January

~ We celebrated New Years Eve at the in-laws house with a fun party!

~ I started my 101/1001 challenge.

~ Spent a day with my Uncle Louis and my cousins, Amber and Jessie. (Second Part here)

~ Daniel and Fatima celebrated their marriage with family and friends and I shot their photos.

~ I made the decision to take a professional route in photography. I named my business Something Snapped Photography.

~ My first Something Snapped photo session with my cousin Eric.

~ I focused my camera on Bianca and Ruben in a couples session.

~ El Rey turned 29!

2014 || February

~ Jonny and Shannon had a photo session shot by me for my portfolio.

~ El Rey and I spent Valentine's Day at Esperanza's for dinner.

~ We found out that Fatima was pregnant with her first child!

~ Birthday Dinner at Papasito's with the family.

~ Started going to the gym with a membership at 24 Hour Fitness.

2014 || March

~ I got my business license for Something Snapped Photography.

~ La Princesa and I went to San Antonio to visit Sasha and her family.

~ Had a visit from two cuties!

2014 || April

~ Sofia had her first experience with rain.

~ I focused my camera on my niece Anastasia for her 6 month mark.

~ For Easter 2014, Sofia had her first egg hunt in the backyard. She had a ball searching for them all with her Papi.

~ I shot Sofia's second birthday tutu photos.

~ La Princesa turned two!

2014 || May

~ I had to put down my dog of 13 years, Sammie :(

~ The royal family of Ortiz went on a mini train ride.

2014 || June

~ I had open hernia surgery at the beginning of the month. I spent rest of it recovering on the couch.

~ Meanwhile, Sofia went to Sea World with my mom, aunt and cousins.

2014 || July

~ Fourth of July 2014 happened.

~ El Rey and I found out that La Princesa loves baseball.

~ Mom celebrated her 50th birthday in style. First at a club with me and her friends and then at a surprise party we held for her.

~ I turned 29! We celebrated with cake about 15 minutes before the day was over.

~ I focused my camera on Sofia during a rainstorm. There was no chance of hail this time around.

2014 || August

~ We dealt with this ham for a month...happily!

~ Sofia got sick with a bit of croup and allergies.

2014 || September

~ Ana and Ahly visited us on certain weekends.

~ The Ortiz family started going to Christ Church in Fort Worth.

~ We spent Free Museum Day at the Museum of Science and History.

~ Fatima had her baby shower for her baby boy she was expecting.

~ The Ortiz/ Villanueva family had a photo session.

2014 || October

 ~ Sofia transitioned to a big girl bed.

~ Ana turned one! She had her birthday party at Bicentennial Park

~ We went to the Anderson Family Reunion. It was cold, but we made it through with warm hugs and good food.

~ My aunt Kim got baptized.

~ I got sengalese twists for my hairstyle.

~ I focused my camera on Fatima and Daniel for a maternity session.

~ Little Daniel was born! I promptly dubbed him "Chapito" and the name stuck with him.

~ Halloween 2014 was spent at our new church home's fall festival and then trick or treating where Sofia got five dollars in her bucket!

2014 || November

~ I participated for the third time in a row in NaNoWriMo. My story was Aflame and my ending word count was 13,606

~ I focused my camera on Chapito for a newborn session.

~ Thanksgiving 2014 was a success! I didn't any photos of it because I was so exhausted, but I will say that a bacon wrapped turkey was the guest of honor!

2014 || December

~ We had our final family talent show. It's sad that it's over but who knows? Maybe in future years, we'll decide to bring it back.

~ Christmas 2014. Sofia loved all her gifts and we had a good breakfast at IHOP.

~ Mom and I went to Courtney's debutante ball. She was so graceful on the stage and in her dance with her father and brother. I was so proud of my prima chica.

~ Courtney had a fun 70s /80s party!

and that...was 2014 in the Ortiz Kingdom.

Can you see it? This year was so much more fulfilling than any other previous years. So full of love and birthdays and babies! I love this so much, you guys don't even know... Please Lord, bring me another year just like this. If you don't, I'll accept whatever you give me with open arms.

*Sighs happily, closes the Royal Vault and walks into 2015 with a dream like look*

Happy New and Full Year to you all!

Past Royal Vault Years

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