Sunday, December 7, 2014

Letters from the Queen

To My King: Wow! Just wow! You have been a busy bee these past few weeks. Working for two weekends straight in a row, is amazing and it just shows how you are willing to help those who need you and to take care of us and our home. You have been missed more by us with your late hours now that they have changed a tiny bit. It's a tiny bit, but we can definitely feel it at home. Then not only that, you have been getting up in the morning after you work to go to church. I can't imagine how tired you mus be and I'm just glad that you at least are able to sleep in today. You deserve it.

Speaking of church, I'm am so proud of you that you have decided after so many years to start going to church with me and my family. You didn't have to and I wanted to to see how you liked it. Then you surprised me by wanting to continue to go. I just have no words, Baby. You continue to amaze me when I least expect it. I know it's a different kind of church than the Catholic one you usually go to, but just like your mother said, I'm just happy you are going. I love you. Keep up the good work.

To My Princess: Are you the same little girl that I gave birth to? When I see you growing so fast, Sofia Anneliese, I have to remind myself that you are. You are no longer the helpless little bundle of  roll that depended on me to do everything for you. YOU BLOW ME AWAY, GIRL with how very intelligent you are. How you know almost ALL of your alphabet letters, can count almost up to twenty, can put on your clothes with almost no help from me, put your shoes on the right feet and how you can say so many more words than before. That's all you, my lady.

You are starting to gain a bit of a mine phase where you don't want to share things, but don't worry, Mommy and Papi are looking out for you and we will make sure that you know how to be nice to people and share. You are doing so much better when coming to church and going to nursery. You are not used to people your own size as you are the youngest in the family right now. In time you will get better and show everybody how wonderful you are and what we get to be blessed every single day. I love you with all of my heart, little princess. You are my life.

To the Queen Mother: I know things are tough for you right now, Mom. Your love life and your searching for a new job is tough enough, but add the fact that your car is in the shop and that could depress anybody, but you have been great! You wake up with a smile and chat with me as if the sun is shining right on you. I admire that about you and I wish I could be like that. I'm still working on it, believe me. We have been having a pretty good time together, chatting and doing stuff together. I'm so glad that we have the relationship that we do because believe me...other people really don't have the blessing. Thank you for that. Also thank you for being there for me during the month of November, during my infection and when I was in so much pain. I know me as a bed mate wasn't what you wanted but you stuck by me and supported me. I love you.

To Myself: You have been in a state of confusion lately. About what to do and how to do it. How to get income, how to get healthy, how to keep doing the things you love while doing the above two. It's hard, but you are getting through it day by day. You are a lot happier than years before, so much so that even Mom notices it. Keep it up. For your family and also for yourself. A happy Brittney is the best choice. A future goal to work on is to keep at your stretches! You are slacking on them! Take care of yourself, so that you can get better. Love you.


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  1. My Darling Daughter, you are truly amazing to me. You are a great mother, wife, writer, photographer, blogger and of course...daughter. I love that I can read all the little things I miss each day in this adorable blog. Keep up the good work, La Reina.


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