Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Royal Giveaway] GGMM Holiday iPhone 5/5s Case

Who out there has dropped a very expensive phone in their lifetime? I know I have and I cringe every time I do so without a case on the back of it. IPhones aren't exactly fragile, but they are gluttons for abuse with that glass screen and back. My current phone is looking like I survived a drive by shooting and it took the bullet for me or something! So with that being said, I love me a good phone case. This holiday season, GGMM Inc is holding a giveaway of these lovely IPhone 5/5s phone cases. GGMM is a company that sells phone cases and other accessories. Other than these babies being given away, they also have a variety more on their website!  You can enter the contest by entering yourself in the little widget down below.

It will be a perfect present or stocking stuffer for a friend or relative (possibly one that you know is prone to dropping phones!) this Christmas! Don't miss a chance to win! You have until December 02 to participate. Good luck!

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