Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family Member Profile- Eric

Name: Eric Wayne
Crew of Funkadelics Name: Funky Punk
Birthdate:  January 8, 1992
Relation: My 3rd Cousin

Eric's Occupation: Customer Service Rep at Cash America

Likes: Designing websites and programming computers, sports like football, volleyball and basketball, sirloin steaks, strawberry or cherry cheesecakes, the color burgundy and jaguars.

Dislikes: people who don't follow directions and who ask for help before trying to fix things themselves, butternut squash and mismatched tacky clothing

Something Eric Accomplished: At the age of 20, Eric was the first ones of our second generation to buy a multi bedroom house of his own. He saved up and worked hard to do so as well!

Wow...What can I say about Mister Eric Phillips?

I would say that he is the most changed person that I know. I used to babysit all of my cousins as they and I grew up. Seeing Eric as he grew up was full of laughter. He was always the one kid in the bunch who was always laughing and being a goofball. His laugh was always contagious and his personality was always wild! I loved spending time with him and his brother, Ryan and his sister, Kalyn.

Then as he started growing up, Eric started developing the cool guy personality. I used to call him the thug of our family because he was always so serious in pictures. But that laughter never left him, he was still the same Eric and I loved that about him. I really didn't see him too much during his high school years and then barely all together. It saddened me and I didn't know what was happening.

But then I found out...


He was working all the time at Pier 1 Imports downtown and that's why he was always absent at talent show rehearsals and some family get togethers. I couldn't have been more proud of this young man here. He was able to get his own car and get his own house before he turned 21. Good job, huh?!

Other things about Eric is that he is very charismatic. What a laugh he has now that is so distinctive, we could tell where he is from a mile away. He is quite the ladies man from what he tells me anyway and while he's happy with that right now I'm sure he's going to make a certain woman very happy in the way future. He's a one of a kind guy.

He is talented with singing and dancing; he's always a part of the Temptations act with our family in the Talent Show and he's usually a part of my Crew of Funkadelics as Funky Punk. I never really have to tell him how to do certain steps in a routine and when he dances it's what I call a "bouncy" sort of dancing.

All in all...I love me some Eric. We have some very good conversations together when we go out for photo sessions or lunch meetings. I know that he loves me very deeply and that makes my heart so happy to know that. I really hope that everything goes great for Eric in his life. He deserves it!

More Photos of Eric

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