Monday, October 27, 2014

The Newest Man in the Ortiz Family

Daniel Miguel Ortiz
October 25, 2014
9lbs, 12 oz   20 inches

We've been waiting for him for 9 months and he finally arrived. My first ever nephew was born this past Saturday evening. You best believe I squeee'd really loud when I was told by the king that he was finally on the way. He had been keeping Fatima waiting when his due day passed three days. Not really a long time, but for somebody pregnant- it can seem like forever can't it? Sofia was two weeks early and I was already ready for her to evacuate the premises! We couldn't go see him the day he was born because Juan was working and Sofia had spent the night at my aunt's house. But the next day after church, we went straight to the hospital to see him. WHAT AN ADORABLE CHUNK OF LOVE! Just like Sofia was when she was born and yes, I was immediately taken back to that day she was born.

Sofia when she was born...don't they look alike?

Fatima already looks like she knows what she's doing and I'm so proud of her for giving birth to Miguel naturally. That's a huge feat! She was calm and confident and so was my brother in law, Daniel. I was amazed that he was already aware that he was Miguel's daddy. They are going to be great parents! Sofia wanted to hold her little cousin, but she was too little in our opinion. Maybe at the house where she can hold him on a pillow.

I had no problems holding him and even swaddling him! He was a little cranky until the swaddling then he just slept a little while. I'm in love already!

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