Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Wishes for Sofia

It's that time again! Another round of Wishes but this time it's for the little miss, Sofia! Not that Sofia is lacking in clothes (it's quite the opposite) but a mother can wish for some cuties for her to wear for autumn.

One: I saw these kind of pants on FB one morning and I just couldn't believe how adorable they were. So they would be extra adorable on Sofia! These Hello Kitty longies where made at the Etsy store, Payley. There are custom things that can be made for you and also a great selection of other knit things for sale. I'm not sure that these exact pants will be available when I'm able to buy them but maybe I can customize it to something else.

Two: Where there is October, November isn't too far behind and where there is November, there is Thanksgiving! How I would love for Sofia to be in a cute autumn colored dress just like #2 up there. I'm not as much of a holiday person as I wish to be but if I was, Sofia would definitely be spotting all kinds of autumn themed clothing! This dress was found on Zulily along with other cute clothes.

Three: Also where there is October, there is Halloween! Sofia didn't really dress in a costume last year; just a cute kitty face. But this year will be different. In the end I think that Sofia will be a cowgirl, but there has been talk between my mother and I about making her into a Edward Scissorhands because her hair is always so wild. I think that would be so adorable with toy knives or plastic ones as the scissorhands. We'll see what we end up with, but if any of you are wanting to do the same, check out how to do so here!

Four: Also on Zulily from a store called Jelly Beans, I found these extra cute boots with a mouse face. Sofia is growing like a weed out of her shoes and so it's time for some new sneakers and new boots for the colder weather coming up. It's still pretty warm here in Texas however so I'm not too worried about it. But I do want to get some boots for her to wear with some leggings or skinny jeans. She'd rock them like usual-she's such a diva from time to time.

These are all good wishes for autumn and I can't wait to get Sofia ready for it. So that she can hit the leaves in style!

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