Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Annie!

October 7th was a very special day! It marked the first birthday of my niece, Anastasia! You might remember her from her photo session I took with her when she was six months old. I don't see her very much; her mommy and I live very busy lives with lack of transportation so whenever we do get to see each other, it's a rarity and we treasure it.

Annie's birthday was in the afternoon at Bicentennial Park in Crowley. My dad came and picked me and Sofia up, (Juan was still at work and couldn't make it.) and we drove about 15 minutes to the park-that is, after getting a bit lost.

I was very impressed with the park we went to. There aren't any real close parks where we are and so I have been wanting to take Sofia to one of them so this one just might be the one we choose to go to for now on. After saying hello to Alisha, Annie and the rest of her family, Sofia made a beeline straight to the closest park. She and my dad played together there while I snapped photos.


Alisha, Annie and Ahly's little sister, Alaina

Sofia taking on the big slide...

and nailing it!

Cousins swinging together. Sofi is a year older than Annie.

After having fun at the various parks there, it was time to eat and have cake. Poor Annie got her face smashed into the cake by her daddy and Alisha in retaliation, got him back with the scraps of cake.

When it was all over and we came home, Sofia fell asleep so fast from all the fun she had. It must be great to have that much fun you can't stay awake! Must be nice indeed...

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