Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Facts About The King

How is it that I have been writing all of these posts and I still haven't really given an insight of my other half? Shame on me, huh? Juan is usually a very quiet person; more of an observer than a talker, but despite that he's got his own kind of personality. So this post is all about him and what he's about.

*Juan is a dual citizen. He was born in Mexico on January 31, 1985. Yes, he was adorable as a baby (believe me...I've seen the pictures!) and when he was six, he and his family moved to Texas to live permanently.

*Juan was raised being called Junior by his family. Rarely do I hear them call him Juan as his father is Juan. It's very confusing even after five years of being with him.

*Juan's family consists of his father- Juan Sr., his mother- Alicia, his younger brothers, Daniel, who is 23 and Ruben who is 21. The family also has a dog named Bacon who to this day, I don't think knows a lick of English.

*Juan played baseball as a youngster and in high school. He was center field in freshmen year but then in varsity, he played right field and then back to center field as a pitcher.  Oh, yes...he was a baseball lover and still is even now!

*Juan is good with numbers and at one time, wanted to be an accountant. I'm not too sure why he decided not to be, but hey! We got a lifetime to find out, right? I know that when Sofia needs help with her math homework, that I can point her in her Papi's direction!

*While math is Juan's strong front, English sometimes isn't and that's okay! As he knows both languages, sometimes remembering certain words can be tricky for him. Learning Spanish is hard for me as well so I know that one day we will both be able to learn both languages.

*Juan is a man who has a big heart for people in need. If you need something from him, he is right on the double! Have car trouble? He's there to pick you up. Need help fixing something small? He's there. He doesn't have a problem with it usually and I love him for that.

*Being a husband is new for Juan just as it is new for me, but he tries his best to take care of me. You know what? That's what matters to me. It's taken me so long to realize that he is doing what he can and I really want to do better by him. He's my king and I hope that we continue to rule over this little kingdom together for a long time.

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  1. Sweet post! Chris is good with the numbers too, so I will definitely be sending Aria to him for math. I think together we have her school subjects covered...maybe except physics, but guess what her godfather is good at?! physics! So she is set haha! Her godmother teaches Latin, so there is that too. Aww that will be fun one day having her in school and having homework. Almost gets me sniffly.


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