Friday, October 17, 2014

All of the Queen's Confessions

It's Friday so it's time for me to start confessing!

I confess that I am anxious off of my ass about this job position that I went in for. It's a long time coming for me to be working a real job other than helping my mother with her etiquette training and I'm really ready to start fixing things around our home and life. So all these butterflies in my stomach probably won't go away until next week when they either call me and change my life or don't call me at all. Here's hoping for the former.

I confess that my house is still a mess! I try my best to get it done, but I can't get the get up and go to clean it all fully. It's not even a really big house which makes it worse! Maybe I just need to go ahead and get stuff ready for a garage sale next Spring.

I confess that I really don't want to do rehearsal for the talent show this Sunday. But...I must. We have to be ready for this last show! I need to work with the girls on their part in the finale, work with my dance group and etc and etc. It just needs to be done and the choreographer can't get a day off from it.

I confess that I have mostly been in my pajamas this week. The only exception is when I went to put in my resume and when I went the grocery store with the hubs. Clothes are in the laundry as I type this so I'll have to wear it just a bit more. No shame in my game right now!

I confess that I made my first homemade pizza for the first time on Tuesday night after shopping! I was amazed at how fast it was and how good it tasted afterwards. I made two; a regular pepperoni one and a chicken alfredo one. It might have to be our substitute for delivery. Delish!

Those are my confessions for Friday. If you have some to share, link up with Leslie at her blog and get to confessing!

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