Friday, October 31, 2014

A Month of Instagram- October 2014

Somebody is big enough to have her crib turned into a bed!

New braids and loving them!

She even sleeps like a princess...

Afro game x 100

Little Chapito

Trying out for the Pamper's commercial, Sofia?

We're a kitty and a pirate!

How'd I do on my makeup?

What are the odds Sofia would find a pirate matey at the
play area?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Facts About The King

How is it that I have been writing all of these posts and I still haven't really given an insight of my other half? Shame on me, huh? Juan is usually a very quiet person; more of an observer than a talker, but despite that he's got his own kind of personality. So this post is all about him and what he's about.

*Juan is a dual citizen. He was born in Mexico on January 31, 1985. Yes, he was adorable as a baby (believe me...I've seen the pictures!) and when he was six, he and his family moved to Texas to live permanently.

*Juan was raised being called Junior by his family. Rarely do I hear them call him Juan as his father is Juan. It's very confusing even after five years of being with him.

*Juan's family consists of his father- Juan Sr., his mother- Alicia, his younger brothers, Daniel, who is 23 and Ruben who is 21. The family also has a dog named Bacon who to this day, I don't think knows a lick of English.

*Juan played baseball as a youngster and in high school. He was center field in freshmen year but then in varsity, he played right field and then back to center field as a pitcher.  Oh, yes...he was a baseball lover and still is even now!

*Juan is good with numbers and at one time, wanted to be an accountant. I'm not too sure why he decided not to be, but hey! We got a lifetime to find out, right? I know that when Sofia needs help with her math homework, that I can point her in her Papi's direction!

*While math is Juan's strong front, English sometimes isn't and that's okay! As he knows both languages, sometimes remembering certain words can be tricky for him. Learning Spanish is hard for me as well so I know that one day we will both be able to learn both languages.

*Juan is a man who has a big heart for people in need. If you need something from him, he is right on the double! Have car trouble? He's there to pick you up. Need help fixing something small? He's there. He doesn't have a problem with it usually and I love him for that.

*Being a husband is new for Juan just as it is new for me, but he tries his best to take care of me. You know what? That's what matters to me. It's taken me so long to realize that he is doing what he can and I really want to do better by him. He's my king and I hope that we continue to rule over this little kingdom together for a long time.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Newest Man in the Ortiz Family

Daniel Miguel Ortiz
October 25, 2014
9lbs, 12 oz   20 inches

We've been waiting for him for 9 months and he finally arrived. My first ever nephew was born this past Saturday evening. You best believe I squeee'd really loud when I was told by the king that he was finally on the way. He had been keeping Fatima waiting when his due day passed three days. Not really a long time, but for somebody pregnant- it can seem like forever can't it? Sofia was two weeks early and I was already ready for her to evacuate the premises! We couldn't go see him the day he was born because Juan was working and Sofia had spent the night at my aunt's house. But the next day after church, we went straight to the hospital to see him. WHAT AN ADORABLE CHUNK OF LOVE! Just like Sofia was when she was born and yes, I was immediately taken back to that day she was born.

Sofia when she was born...don't they look alike?

Fatima already looks like she knows what she's doing and I'm so proud of her for giving birth to Miguel naturally. That's a huge feat! She was calm and confident and so was my brother in law, Daniel. I was amazed that he was already aware that he was Miguel's daddy. They are going to be great parents! Sofia wanted to hold her little cousin, but she was too little in our opinion. Maybe at the house where she can hold him on a pillow.

I had no problems holding him and even swaddling him! He was a little cranky until the swaddling then he just slept a little while. I'm in love already!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Something Snapped Session: Fatima Ortiz Maternity

Well, it's safe to say my nephew is comfy where he is inside of his mommy because from what I know, he is past his due date which was on the 22nd. We are excited to meet Mr. Daniel Miguel whenever he decides to come into the world. Speaking of which, I was very happy to give for my baby shower gift a free photo session to Fatima and my brother in law, Daniel. We had a great time snapping pics at the Botanic Gardens and even though it was early, it was still pretty hot. Here are some of the pictures I took during that adorable session time.

One thing is for sure...Miguel is going to be one lucky baby boy with parents like these two.

ETA: Got the phone call from my husband this morning- the baby is on the way!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Attention to All!

I have a confession to make. It turns out that I have a blogger crush! I mean it's a hard crush too! This blogger has me getting on to my blog list and going straight to her blog! She is just amazing and I love all of her posts!

My blogger crush, Ladies and Gentlemen is Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup!

via Sweet Turtle Soup © Courtney
You've probably seen me talk about her on here a couple of times, but I truly can't get enough of reading about her little family located in Florida and I'm sure when you check  her out, you'll fall for her too!

She's a major lover of holidays and is always found celebrating them. She's also a lover of Disney and being as she lives in Florida, she is often making elaborate posts of her visits at Disney World. She's not the only one who seems to love it- her young daughter, Aria is never too far away and is totally adorable. She has a good husband and also three fur babies. It's the complete package.

Not only is she a good blogger, Courtney is also a wonderful person. She has given me such good advice regarding blogging and vacationing at Disney even when she didn't have to. That's a sweet person in my book and I hope that she will continue to be a good friend with me.

Please, take my advice and check out her fabulous blog! I guarantee that it won't be a waste of your time!

Who is your blogger crush? Post about them and let them know who awesome they really are!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Time for NaNo!

It's nearly that time that takes all of my hours of the day and night writing. Yep that's right, it's time for NaNoWriMo! For anybody going "What the heck is that?" NaNoWriMo or just NaNo means National November Writing Month and it's a writing challenge that thousands of people participate in.

The basics are that you start on November 1st and you have the whole month to try to write 50,000 words. You read correctly- fifty thousand! I'm not too sure if there are gifts if you win, but I'm thinking it's just for writing's sake. It's overwhelming but oh so fun! I have been a part of it since 2012 and it's where Take Two and Call Me in the Morning came from. I have NaNo to thank for this really because it's how I was able to start my novel from start to where it is now. Before that, I had never been able to do so and only either wrote parts or from the middle or end. I felt so proud that I was able to do that and so faithfully partook in the next year afterward with my novel, Erosae.

This year, I'm writing a novel called Aflame and while I'm still planning it, I know that it's going to be based in and around Las Vegas and is about a firefighter that saved a woman from a fire. She then has to start her life from scratch with her daughters and as such has to turn to exotic dancing. The firefighter coincidentally finds her again in her job and the romance starts to begin. Like I said, the planning is still going, but maybe it will turn out well.

Here is my signature banner for the forums. I made it on Canva which by the way- I had no idea that that site even existed. I'm excited for other projects I can make with this! I also made the cover with this as well! They are just for NaNo, but I wish I could keep using them if it gets published. I love the way they came out!

Other than the challenge, the forums are a great place to get some research, some writing buddies or just some good times!

If you are a writer and you are curious or interested in NaNoWriMo, check it out and see if you are up to it! NaNoWriMo Website As for me, I'm not sure with my busy timing that I'll make it to 50k but I'll do what I can; that's always enough for me! Wish me luck!

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