Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wishes-House Version

Last time on Wishes, I showed what I was wanting to wear for a new clothing style I wished to have. Now I'm going to move on from myself personally to some things I want for my house. If you guys have looked back in my posts, you would have saw that my living room is pretty medium sized. So there isn't a lot I can put in there from what I have now. There is going to need to be some changes in furniture. But for now,  here are my current wishes for the house.

Our living room. Changes wanted!

One: I have always wanted this wooden birthday board that I have seen on Pinterest so many times. I am a sucker for cute things like this and seeing as we have so much family, it would make a great addition to our house. Where would it go though? Maybe in the living room or the dining room.

Two: We are in desperate need of a new bedspread. We've had this same one for years and years, but we haven't had the money to get a new one. Sad, I know. But as soon as things change, we'll get one. I'm hoping to get a blue one with a white sheet like shown. Our paint is light blue so it might look good to have another blue with it. If not then we'll go with a fluffy white one.

Three: I am so sick and tired of seeing our shampoo bottles all over our bathtub! So when I saw this from Target, I was like "this is what we need. Something keep our soaps in and to hold our loufahs. Let's try to make life easier, shall we?

Four: Currently we have a gigantic brown entertainment center acting as a bookshelf right now. While I do love that it has the space for my books, it also has a huge hole where the television should be. Tacky, for serious. So a nice sized bookshelf should work wonders with space and decor. I love how this one looks but I'm also looking for something a bit bigger as I'm quite the bookworm.

Five: I'm not even going to tell you what a disaster my computer desk is. Out of everything in this house I think my desk is the oldest piece of crap in existence. It's bigger than needed and I don't really use much of the space on it. So a new desk is in order. So this picture on number five is my idea desk as it has a keyboard space underneath and it's small and simple. Greatness.

So there it is! Five wishes of what I would want in my house. Will they be granted? I have no idea, but it's good to dream isn't it?

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  1. Always good to dream! I've always got house wishes haha! And I love that family birthdays board. It is super cute.


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