Sunday, September 14, 2014

Talent Show Countdown- 13 Weeks to Go!

We are doing good so far for preparing for the Talent Show. I have showed the family the last of the finale so we just need to prefect it. That's good to know because now we have time to practice for other routines. We spend so much time on finales that our other acts just don't look the greatest. Well that and some people don't practice at home.

Now I just need to spend time on my Crew of Funkadelics routine. It's the last show I'm going to be putting parts of all of the previous acts we were in. If all goes right, it should be great! We're just going to need glow bracelets again. The only thing I'm worried about is if the crew is into the show enough make it to rehearsals. They were horrible last year being on time or even making it at all. I mean it's our last year! Just once I'd like for them to make it a priority. I always ask them if they want to be in it and every year they say yes. So why not put in the time that you said you were going to? Just saying.

There have been some disagreements about certain acts and if the finale is too short. I'm upset about some but I have been in this show so many years I just know to let it roll down my back and get over it. This is our Final Talent Show and I just hope people buckle down so that it looks great!

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