Monday, September 8, 2014

It Worked For Me From Pinterest!

I'm pretty sure all of you mommies out there in the Pinterest world have seen this certain kind of pin:

Where babies are enjoying bathtime in a laundry basket. It might look silly to some, but I'm one to tell you straight up: IT WORKS. Now Sofia is a bit too old to need to sit in the laundry basket any more, but when she was about 9-11 mos old, I had her in there. I did this for the various reasons.

- I didn't want her slipping in the tub when she would try to stand up.
- She was safe inside the basket, even though there was a bit more water than usual. If for some reason she did slip, she could have a good grip on the side of the basket.
- The toys she played with were within her reach, unlike before where she would try to crawl to them or I had to reach all over for them.

It made bathtime a lot easier for both of us. Here she is in the basket as adorable proof.

I recommend this, however I will state a few changes. First off, the basket did slide a little bit from the smooth surface of the bathtub, so I suggest to have a mat on the bottom to limit that. Also if your baby is energetic like Sofia was, then chances are they might want to try to climb out of said basket. So a good eye is needed at all times.

In ending this, I'm glad I found this on Pinterest and it makes me happy that I decided to be a part of it. Stay tuned for the next It Worked For Me!


  1. haha, I saw this after Aria was past the little tub big tub bath time! She had a duck tub though, and that thing was amazing. Similar concept to the basket. But a duck! I thought it was the cutest thing. It was nice because if she flopped over she just hit inflated duck sides. I was so glad to graduate from sink bathing to the duck tub! Glad the laundry worked for you! I saw Aria's cousin doing that on FB, I was like huh clever!

  2. That's a really great idea. Love it.


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