Friday, September 12, 2014

Confessional Friday

It's Friday and a chilly one at that! How crazy can Texas weather be sometimes? Just yesterday it was making us sweat buckets. But today the temp dropped so low that we had to put on sock and pants. It's always shocking but at the same time, I wouldn't want it any other way. How is everybody doing on their Fridays? Have anything to confess? I guess I I better get on my knees and get to it! Linking with Leslie as always so head over to her blog if you want to join!

I confess that I am just know starting to get into Supernatural. I of all times? There are ten seasons too that I need to catch up on. I used to watch episodes from time to time when I was a patient transporter, but not enough to get the whole story. So I just decided since I have Netflix that I might as well get on the ball. So far I'm on Season 2. I love me some Sam. I like Dean too, but there is something about Sam that draws me to his character and not just his looks because damn...both brothers are pretty good looking. It's hard to explain the show to my husband who constantly asks questions while I'm trying to watch it, instead of him just watching the show with me. What a silly man I have.

I confess that I'm getting discouraged about finding a job. I am a part of two temp agencies to help out, but am only actively using one. However when I find a job that I'm interested in and call for an opportunity to work it, it's already filled out. So disappointing. It's like " people actually get to work in here" because I have yet to get a job; even a temp one. I'm so ready to work and get some money in this house and my life.

I confess that I was nervous when I tried to make my Nanny's spaghetti recipe. It's different in that she put ranch style beans in it. It took a while to make it, but it was worth it to taste that flavor I had been missing from her food. The only thing missing from it was the bell peppers and onions that she usually put inside it. I'm not an onion fan so I don't ever see that happening. Bell pepper is a hard maybe. It came out all right I guess. Juan liked it and so did Sofia.

I confess that I'm a horrible towel and cover folder. When I try to, I end up with uneven ends every single time. It's so irritating and even more so that I continue to do it.

I confess that I'm getting tired of changing diapers and Sofia is making very slow progress. She does good in the morning and after nap, but other than that there are still full diapers. Half of it is my doing too as we need to find a timer to get her on the potty and try. I've heard of a couple of ideas lately like getting a pad used in like hospitals for her to sit on during the weekend in her birthday suit. Then every two hours to one hour, get her to sit on the potty and try to go. I'm ready for some panties! Hopefully Sofi will be soon too.

So those are my confessions so far. Do you have any to share?

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