Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Month of Instagram- September 2014

That beautiful long haired girl of mine.

Sofia and her pillow cover

Sleeping in Love's arms is the best place


Sofia spending time with Anastasia

Naptime at my aunt's house

Evening walk with the little miss

My little cousin Jaeda looking so much like her daddy

Sofia cooking up some things at the cowgirl museum

Making off with the cowgirl hat...

Free Museum Day/Ortiz Familia Photoshoot

It was a very hectic weekend. Hectic but full of oh so much fun! On Saturday, it was Free Museum Day for certain museums so my family decided to go to the Museum of Science and History. We had such a good time and it is always so rare that we go out for family group outings like this so we had ample time to connect and have a good time. Sofia had a blast touching things and putting things together. She did have a few mini tantrums but there were other two year olds all over the place so sharing was not a priority to them. She, Kearrah and M'Kya had a wonderful time at the Children's museum inside.

Our family is ready to go!

No pictures please, Mommy!

The Museum of Science and History

The diva has arrived!

Sofia and the dancers from the Fort Worth Ballet

Sofia was in awe of the slippers

 A part of the World Trade Center

Aww...my poor aunt didn't get the memo to look straight at the camera. :P

Fun time can begin, girls! Get to it!

Sofia loved the huge Bright Lite

So did Kearrah and M'Kya

Guess who?

Just some of the various decorations in the museum

Catch, Sofi!

Sofia thought the ball was hers..sorry kid.

Museum Property

At the Children's Museum

Kya and Sofi's hands

Shopping time!
Veggie burgers?! You trying to tell us something, Sofia?

The ambulance is on the way!

OHHHH...I don't feel so good.

Good thing Dr. M'Kya was there to take care of me.

I was then taken to Dr. Sofia Ortiz

Making her rounds-starting with Papi

Then Grandmother's turn

Kearrah's turn

M'Kya's turn now.

The Doc is done

But not before a cute picture!

Next I saw Dr. Kearrah, the eye doctor!

Off to the Cattle Raisers Museum

Guess what?

....Cow butt?

Kearrah and Sofia showing how to ride

Next: The Cowgirl Museum

Sofia coloring for the board.

While my sexy husband supervises

Our group picture!

Somebody was worn out!

After the museum, Juan, Sofia and I went to the in-law's for my sister-in-law Fatima's baby shower for her and Daniel's son coming next month. I'm excited to meet my first nephew! No name is chosen yet, but we'll have one! The party was a long one, lasting until wee hours of the night. Surprisingly, Sofia kept up with everybody, dancing with us and showing how much of a party animal she was. More than Mommy, that's for sure! I didn't go to sleep that night before until 4am. Insomnia sucks big time.

The proud parents to-be.

We came back the next day to take group pictures because majority of Juan's family members had came from Lubbock so what was a better time to take them then when everybody was conveniently together? The pics came out all right I guess. It was hard to edit because so many cars were rushing by as we were taking them.

So like I said before, "What a hectic weekend!" but oh so full of family and fun!

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