Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Member Profile- Bianca

Whole Name: Bianca Elizabeth
Birthdate: June 3rd, 1993

Bianca is my ultimate girl. She's the bestieface on my in laws side, my wifey and the one of the only people I know I can count on. She's been with my brother in law for years and I met her when I had just started dating my husband. It was a slow start with us but as time went by, she and I started getting more closer as friends and now I can't see my life without her in it. She like my sister and I love her just as much as one. 

Whenever I can I try to chat with her about her life. Right now she's living in a one bedroom house with my brother in law, Ruben. They have a dog named Ezra and are just living their live on their own together.

Bianca is a one of a kind lady. She's always posting on Instagram and FB with either the most fun pictures or uplifting things about herself or others. I love that she is out there doing her thing in life. She's usually with her family or her friends and I wonder how she finds the time to do everything in between working so hard.

Things that I know that she loves are piggies, snapchatting with friends, singing, dancing with Ruben, and just having a grand time in life.

I'm extremely happy now that I know that in the future, she will be my sister-in-law as Ruben proposed to her earlier this year! They have a great relationship: not perfect but so in love. I hope the best for them in the future and many kids (when they are ready) With Bianca marrying Ruben our family is almost complete and all of the Ortiz sons have their wives.

I love you Wifey! I hope for many years as sisters!

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