Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Wishes for Me- Style

I have been looking for a job lately and everybody knows that with a job there is money. So Wishes is going to be a post that show what I'm really wanting in life and inspiration for me to get out there and get it. Who knows? I hope that it can inspire somebody else at the same time! I have been wanting a new kind of wardrobe lately; all my life it's been jeans and t-shirts that were too cute for somebody of my age. My mom is always a good motivator too as she's always wearing the most stylish clothing ideas. So I've been searching around Pinterest, Torrid and other sites to find styles that I wouldn't mind wearing and having up in my closet.

One: This open front fringe kimono cover up from Torrid ($48.50) was on the top of my list and caught my eye first. I love this whole outfit right down to the shoes which are also from Torrid. I can see myself wearing this during the fall and over at family outings.

Two: This whole outfit screams ME! I love the whole pants with boots look and I do wear it from time to time in the fall and winter but the problem with this outfit is that I can rarely find boots that fit my gigantic calves and can barely find a jacket that can fit my huge arms. If anybody has any suggestions for that I'm happy to hear it!

Three: I'm more used to working in administrative jobs so I'm hoping in the future that I will have one in that field. If so, I need to find some good work savvy clothing as the ones I used to have are outdated and mostly likely don't fit me. So seeing this outfit, makes me think I would work with this. A nice pencil skirt and a flowing top would suit my body type well with a stylish belt. Now shoes would more likely be flats than heels or even wedges if I can fit that into whatever dress code the office has.

Four: Va-Va-Voom! I fell in love with this bodycon dress, leggings and boots combo and have settled it in  my mind as a future purchase. This lovely lady in the picture, Lauren who is from The Pear Shape obtained it from this site: Anthropologie. The website is a bit pricey for me so I looked for more a more money friendly version, which I found here on Fashion to Figure at around 40 dollars. Just add some black leggings or tights with black boots and I'll be rocking it for work or winter!

What do you think? I'm pretty sure I can work with this so keep a look out for posts with one of my style wishes! Next time will be home purchases! Keep on wishing for what you want, folks!


  1. Love all of these outfits! But I agree with you -- #2 is something I would wear all.the.time! Good luck with the job search! :)

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