Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Letters from the Queen

To my King: It's been a surprising couple of days from you. I was pleasantly surprised when for those days, you have left me with kisses that have stunned me to my core. It brought back memories of a past time when we were happy and it leaves me thinking that things could work out. We just need to find a way for us to have time  for just US. I'm so happy to see you doing your thing; working hard and paying things so that we can be okay in our home. I love you for being the best you can be. Continue to be you.

To my Princess: My goodness, how you keep me alight during the day. You never cease to amaze me with you intelligence. You may not be able to say words as clear and are still struggling with some words, but then you turn around and say things like suddenly trying to repeat Spanish on Dora the Explorer and blow me away! You are going to be something else, little angel and if nobody sees it, I do. I will try my best not to worry so much about your development, but it's going to be hard. In the meantime, I'm going to keep smiling at everything you do, because I know there is going to be a time where you are going to grow up and I'm going to wonder where those times went.

To the Queen Mother: Mom, all I can say to you is WOW! You are doing your thing. I'm constantly in awe of you working so hard at your job. Overtime and making up hours even though I'm pretty sure you are exhausted. Your 21st birthday is coming in about a day and some hours even though people keep saying it's  your 50th. Either way, it's going to be an awesome time for you! I think that you look great, Mom and can only continue to look that way. We're going to have a blast on your birthday!

To myself: Everywhere you look there is something you want, be it a camera or a outfit or even just a membership to somewhere. But alas, there aren't any funds to be spared. So it's time for the looking of the job. Yes, it's daunting to start job searching and all of that, but think about what the main goal is: a brand new camera or even help toward your book. You have to start somewhere so why not there? Everything will turn out fine. Just keep reminding yourself that.

To Summer: Please tone it down a little bit out there. I would really love to hang outside in your glory but it's so hot I really feel the vapors! Either that or send some rain. At least then Sofia can play outside. Come on! I'll be your best friend....

I got this concept of writing letters from Rosy at A Joyful Kind of Life. Check out her post and her awesome blog!

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  1. I love this! It's so great to reflect and write to someone or something! I'm so glad you wrote these letters :)

    A Joyful Kind of Life


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