Monday, July 21, 2014

La Princesa Le Encanta El Béisbol!

The Princess Loves Baseball!

At least...that's what we think so far. Yesterday, the hubs decided to do some yard work, mowing the lawn and all that. Sofia went outside with him and pretended to mow the lawn with him and then after he got through with the front yard, he went to the back and feeling that Sofia would be safer out there than in the front, I gave her her play bat and a softball to play with. 

Of course Juan was all too happy to help her, being the baseball fan he is. So he put the softball on a brick and told Sofi to hit it.

SHE WAS A NATURAL. She barely missed hitting the ball and we were thrilled! Juan got her a T-Ball set that very afternoon too. 

I have always hoped that Sofia would have an interest in all things, be it dressing up and also playing sports. I want her to do whatever she loves to do. Hopefully we can keep this up so she can play T-Ball with the other kids. I can't wait to be that one momma who is yelling and shaking a cow bell. Just a couple more years to go!

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