Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Disney 30 Day Challenge- Day 1

Today I found this challenge on Pinterest and seeing as I am quite a Disney lover I knew I had to do this on the blog! Feel free to join! I'll be starting today and then will try to be done August 22nd.


Day 1: Favorite Movie

I would have to say have two of these. I know, I know it said favorite, but I will explain. My first favorite is The Lion King. 

This movie was my all time favorite ever growing up. I had a lot of movies that I loved but this one topped the cake. I knew every word, every song and even acted like a little lion cub running around the house on some occasions. My childhood was full of this movie and I even said Hakuna Matata sometimes.

But that was in the past and I soon found myself with a new favorite movie and that is...The Princess and the Frog.

I was so excited to learn that Disney was making a movie with the first African American princess and the fact that it was an classic animated movie made it even better. It was the first movie I saw with Juan and I loved the hell out of it. I loved Tiana and her hard work ethic, loved Naveen and his accent *swoon* and I loved Louis and his music playing. Just just...*sigh* I love it and I would so be there for an sequel if they made one.

So those are my favorites! What's yours? Use the challenge pic above and share yours!  Link here too!

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  1. Lion King is def a fave over here too!!! I need to check out Princess and the Frog, I have heard great things!


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