Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Month of Instagram- July 2014

My and my Boodah at Red Lobster

Look at that adorable WTH face...*swoon*

Just a part of a chapter I'm writing

La Reina is ready for birthday fun

Me and the Queen Mother

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Why yes, that's my mother dancing on stage.

Sofia is always one to rock some sunglasses

Sleepy naps are adorable

Made a wish 3 minutes before my birthday was over.

Setting up for a softball player

Still the naptime pro

There's a munchkin in that blanket!

No words...just adorable and a half

Mor Story Stuffs (dialogue) 

I have photo like that when I'm in a bucket

Watching Pooh with Pooh

The loves of my life

Munching on some rice krispies

Sharing is caring, Papi

Ending this session with a bit of dramatic flair, Sofia?

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