Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Recap

Without a doubt, Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the patriotism, the colors, the food, spending time with family out in the hot Texas sun but most importantly, I love the fireworks! This year it was just me and Sofia as Juan wanted to spend time with his family. That was understandable seeing as they don't really celebrate it, but I was still a bit upset that we weren't celebrating it as our family. I got festive; wearing a red white and blue plaid dress under a red Old Navy tank top. I wore both outfits for the 4th previous times so I thought why not mix it up? Sofia was adorable too in her outfit. She stayed the night at my aunts so I didn't get to see her until a later time. My mom decorated the outside of the house with tiny American flags. It was so adorbs and I loved her for doing it. Then we were finally off to my aunt's house to eat.

Once we got there and I got to hug all over on my cuddle bear, we were ready to eat. There was a decent amount of food and I ate my fill and then also ate some snickers cake afterwards. It was really sweet but good for after that barbecue.

Some instagrams I took:

After eating, we watched Independence Day which in my opinion is excellent viewing material for the 4th. That movie never gets old. My mother and I were yelling at the screen acting like we had never seen it before, having our family in stitches. Then as Mom and my aunt were watching more movies, I went in the little cousins room to hang out with Sofia and Kearrah.

Sofia watching TV too close and quietly.

Kearrah playing quietly

What the? What is that on my chest there? O.o
Then after we had our quiet family time at the house it was time for fireworks. We separated and went our different ways for fireworks. It was so crowded downtown, but we were able to find a good space and found a place on the ground. Sofia had taken a nap a bit too late so she was a bit grouchy at first. But then as the fireworks started, all was well. It was a good show and I'm glad we got to see it. It was a perfect ending to our great day.

Sofia waking up. Sorry, about the humongous flash! 

Downtown ready for fireworks


After coming home I took a glance at previous pictures on the 4th. Sofia is adorable in each one of them.
2 years ago

1 year ago

I hope you all had wonderful 4th of July days like we did.

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  1. Happy belated fourth! Sounds festive to me! I love Independence Day! One of my fave movies, we just watched it the other day. Chris surprised me with the extended version of it a couple months ago, I didn't know they HAD an extended version but it is awesome.


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