Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toddlers, Premieres and Chapters, Oh My!

Yay! My munchkin is back from over at my in-laws. I'm so glad because for a second, she didn't even seem like the same child. I really don't like when Sofia is gone so long because it seems everything is turned upside down. Her sleep schedule, her behavior and for some reason she is seemingly "potty trained" and wearing panties. I didn't believe that for a second and she proved me right by giving me a bomb of a accident one night. I dare not think if she was wearing panties during that time. Gives me goosebumps, for serious! But she's slowly turning back into my girl. It truly sucks when your child is gone from you for a long time. I missed holding her and kissing on her while I was recovering. I'm getting those moments back little by little from her. She doesn't hesitate to give Mommy some kiss and cuddle time. I love her for that.

Last night I watched Teen Wolf all day long to get ready for the Season 4 Premiere. It was worth the wait, I think. On Tumblr last night there were so many people complaining that Season 4 was going to be bad because it's not the same as before where they were all about high school and stuff. Well, guys! They won't be in high school forever! They have to grow as characters! Especially now that Scott is an Alpha. He can't just sit around doing homework and lacrosse as a werewolf all the time. He's supernatural now so it's only fitting that he's around supernatural things. At least that's that's what I think.

I love Kira so far. I liked her in the last season, and I just keep on adoring her. She's awkward yet strong and there is something about a budding romance between two supernatural beings. While the romance with Allison and Scott was awesome and one we won't forget, they were split up before her untimely death and I hope they don't have Scott in grieving for a long time. Time to move forward. Kira seems to be his new way to go.

Now one thing I'm not feeling so far is the arrival of Malia. It feels like she was just kind of rushed into a new main character. While I understand that she's important, Issac was important for a long time and wasn't even considered a main character enough to be put in the opening credits. I also understand that she's a partner for Stiles too, but still...I feel like I should have had some time to get used to her like we did with Kira. Another thing I don't think I like was the whole return of Kate Argent. All of the Argents are pretty much an endangered species and with Allison gone it just doesn't feel right at all. But write on, writers! Make it work.

Anyway regardless, this episode was pretty awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Onward....to writing! Wow! It's amazing what stores up in your head while you are recovering from surgery. Ever since I have been able to get up and around, I have been writing. Mostly on my Soramerica Series which is about a run-down futuristic America brought down by a somewhat curable disease and run by a tyrant emperor. I have been writing this for years now and I'm just now getting somewhere with it. By somewhere I mean chapters. I'm now currently on chapter 5 with it and with it being 15 chapters, that's pretty good for me. Hopefully I will be able to publish it or make it a ebook somewhere. If not I'll be proud that I was even able to finish it. If you are interested in looking at what I consider inspiration for my current story, take a look at my Tumblr for it. Keep in mind however...there are pictures that are NSFW so look when it's safe to.

It's a beautiful day and I'm happy to be recovered enough to write something in this blog of mine. It's been so long and I am still not 100% me yet. Once I am I'll be able to do other things with Sofia and take more pictures of her. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and I'll write again soon!

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