Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on and Confessional Friday- What a Month!

So a couple of things have been happening lately and I'm so exhausted that I'm trying to get my brain straightened up so I can write them down :P

1. I just want to give a huge thank you to Nick Jr and Disney Junior for their awesome programming. Sofia loves mostly all of the shows. She's of course always been a fan of Dora and Diego, but now there are other programs like Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins and others...that have been keeping her interest and teaching her things.

You might see better without that table in the way, kidlet. Just saying.
2. Holy crap! Did we have both Easter and Sofia's birthday two weeks away from each other? Wow! No wonder I'm exhausted! Somehow I managed to get through the whirlwind of Easter candy and birthday presents. Though I'm pretty sure I gained more pounds during this whole month! But it was worth it to see my little one happy with her gifts and Easter eggs.

3. I managed to do what most normal housewives do and made a dinner from the crock pot. I had been delaying doing it for a while...only using it for experimental reasons, but on Wednesday, I decided, "Why not? Let's try a big dinner." So I made Bourbon spiced pulled chicken (which all the grown ups loved), alfredo with angel hair (which everybody loved) spinach (which only Mom and I loved) and Jiffy cornbread (that everybody loved) I was so proud of myself for putting in the crock pot the day before. One day I will get it through my head to cook it early in the day so it can be ready and hot for dinner that same day!

4. Spring cleaning is tomorrow! Thank you, Lord! I had been wanting to get it done so badly for the past few weekends, but with all the just never got there...but's you and me house! Get ready for it! *comes out with a cape* Super Housewife is ready for anything! Except spiders! That's for the king of the kingdom to take of... "Oh, honeyyyy..." I found this awesome checklist on we'll be using this one and another to guide us along the way! If you are looking to clean I recommend this!

5. It is time for me to take the micro braids out and to see how my natural hair growth is coming along.'s already been two months since I got them in? Time is going so fast. Now, if my hair would grow as fast. I'd be straight! I'd love some of Sofia's hair though; it's growing faster than I can keep up with! Long and curly and just beautiful.

With all of these good things happening...I confess that there has been a couple of things I've done that haven't been the best :P Here are my confessions for this Friday:

I confess...

That despite Sofia hunting around for all 28 eggs in our back yard...Papi and I ate the majority of the candy in them. I know...horrible but you know what else is horrible? Childhood cavities and the fillings that follow. So yeah...we ate away. She got some but enough for what I thought a two year old toddler should have.

I confess...

That I have not cleaned the house in weeks. I figured...what's the point? We're so close to Spring Cleaning...let's just not worry about it until it's time. It's a big project, but I'm so ready for it! I've been feeling so cluttered in here.

I confess...
I've haven't been the best blogger. Or the best writer. Or the best photographer this month. I've been in such a slump lately. Don't ask me why...I don't know why myself. But hopefully it will go away! I'm ready start doing something productive in a quickness!

So there you have it! A double friday linky! Hope you enjoy!


  1. That is a very thorough Spring cleaning list! And the spicy crock pot chicken sounds tasty!! I've been cooking soup in our crockpot all day--it's just about time to eat it now!

    1. It is very thorough! My mom and I were staring at the list saying, "wipe ceilings? Ain't nobody got time for that!" As for the crockpot cooking, I was surprised it came out so good because it came from the top of my head. I just wanted to get rid of some of the chicken in there while at the same time feed my hungry family. So everything came out nicely!

  2. You should try crock pot chicken taco chili in your crock pot. Family favourite!

    I've been deep cleaning room by room, is next, not my fave. Good luck! Love lists.

    And, your little girl is so cute peaking over the table. Girl needs another pillow haha =)


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