Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Month of Instagram- May 2014

Hot enough outside for the kidlet to go swimming!

Big morning smiles!

Mother's Day Kisses

The Royal Family going on a train ride

Sofia is a major daddy's girl. Can't you tell?

Our creation

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pictures to Catch You Up on Life!

My little rain babe and I

Finally got to see my niece, Anastasia

While Sofi got to spend time with her Auntie Ahly

Another pic of my princess hunting eggs

Just me!

Real cooking right here!

Still sleeping good at naptime

My little beauty and I

Birthday Diva!

All of the girls in Sofia's playhouse that was made for her by her Abuelito

Sofia's present table

She was not best friends with Dora today...

The  king doing his best to give me a heart attack

Sofia's first train ride!

Trinity River

What an accident! :(

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Surgery and Storywriting

Wow....has it been nearly a month since I wrote? Looks that way. I guess I just haven't had the oomph to do so from so much going on in my life. We started with the spring cleaning...but never really got through with it. It's so hard when you have a child who's mission must be to mess up everything you clean up. We're trying our best to clean more than before. We start cleaning after Sofia goes night night so that way it can start fresh every day.

The reason I'm posting now is because I probably won't be able to for a little while more. I'm having surgery to repair my incisional hernia. It came from the area where I had my gallbladder taken out and for the longest time I really thought I had it repaired with mesh when I had that surgery. But alas after an exam from the doctor...he said that he hadn't that he would this time. It won't be laprascopic like last time either (through the belly button) it will be open surgery so I'll be recovering in the hospital for about three days. After which, I can't pick up any heavy things for about a month and you know what that picking up la princesa. It sucks so hard that I won't be able to; we are such cuddle buddies, but I have to get better so that I can later. We will be taking her back and forth between here and my in-laws so that I can have the time to recover correctly without worrying too much about her. Am I nervous? Meh, a bit. More so hoping the pre-op part isn't too painful. I know that the recovery won't be nice, but that's a given. I'm just glad it's being done so I won't have to worry about being in pain there and so I can start working my core muscles without worry either.

So that's that. Lately I have been finding my writing streak and have been writing for challenges in Livejournal. I have been a part of this writing community called Runaway Tales for years now. It's a community where you pick from a vast variety of flavors. These flavors have plots that you can choose from to write about. Once you finish the plots in each flavor, you obtain a banner saying that you have. It can be short or long, pictures or stories...from the past or the present or the future...doesn't matter. Just write. I have written about 200 tales from Runaway Tales or RaTs as it is affectionately known as. I have learned so much about my characters and my plots. Though as in here I do get in a bit of a slump and don't write in it for a bit. But once I do, you can't stop me!

I sadly had to put down my dog Sammie in the beginning of the month so that was a very stressful time for me. She was 14 years old and was growing a tumor so she was suffering. I know she's in a good place now and I won't forget my Muttling ever.

How is the little girl? She's great! Still being the happy go lucky girl that she always is. I don't really have any worries for her except for the fact that she reacts so badly to mosquito bites. They swell and then when they go away, she gets these dark marks that fade away of course over time but still it's horrible to look at and know you can't really prevent them. Sofia is still not talking as many words as I would like but she is learning more and more. She is starting to try to sing though in gibberish. She loves singing the Vamanos song from Dora and Bubble Guppies and she loves yelling "OH Too-Dles!" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She always has Juan and I in stitches laughing.

I can't wait to see what this little girl has in store for us as she grows. It's going to be great!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Lord's Path is Opening...

It's about time for me to find a new church home, I think. I'm not terribly religious; I could even say I"m not really religious at all. I don't go to church like I used to nor do I study my bible. I guess I could say I just go by faith. I chat with the Lord and I'm just letting him guide me and signal me to when it's time. I just know that I do want to be in church I just need to find the right one.

I used to have a church home that I went to with my uncle. I had been with it since it started in a elementary school and now in a high school as a growing church. I loved the fact that the pastor seemed like a person I could understand. But a few  years afterward I started to feel like it was driven on money. Not so much that they were trying to suck us dry but more so like "if you give this to the will get this reward back." While that works for some people, I (22 or 23 at the time) was looking for something more along the lines of how to live a faithful life with God, or how to keep the Lord with you when you are having problems. It didn't feel  like that was happening in that church.

The final straw for me at that church was when they started talking about the new church building that everybody was excited about. I was really excited; they deserved to be in their own place, but the excitement waned as the pastor started talking about a food court in the church. O.o I didn't understand the reason for one and he said it was people that wanted to stick around for the second service. So,  yeah that kind of made sense, but still felt like a waste of money to me. Then when he said that there would be a Starbucks also in the church, that when I knew this wasn't the place for me. I needed something that was about the Lord and not so much about trips and purchases and things like that.

It's been years since then and I find myself straying away from holy things and I know it's because I don't understand majority of things. I don't really study my bible and I should so I can turn to it when I need to. I know that the Lord is with me however. I thank him constantly for all things blessed to me, especially when I least expect it. Like yesterday! I was doing a practice drive to my in-laws with my husband a week ago and though he instructed me to go a certain way, I ended up denting Paloma really bad. Well fast forward to yesterday when a random guy just stopped at our house as we were cleaning out the garage and said that he would fix the truck for 160 dollars! This was truly a blessing as Juan and I had previously talked about how it would cost money to fix it. I just looked up and said, "Thank you...You are awesome, Lord."

So, today as I'm looking around places and blogs, I see all of these faithful ladies of God and I just asked myself: "Why can't I be like that? What is stopping me from continuing my path with my creator?" Is it fear of a repeat? If so, I shouldn't think like that. The past is the past and it's holding me back from what I could be learning. So I think in the very near future, I will be finding a new church home. I"m not too sure if I will be going faithfully in the beginning...but it's a start and I will take the journey that my Lord provides for me graciously.

and so I will leave with a scripture that I think fits this just right: Isaiah 30:21

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Or for a better version for me to understand...

You will hear a word spoken behind you, saying, "This is the correct way, walk in it," whether you are heading to the right or the left.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on and Confessional Friday- What a Month!

So a couple of things have been happening lately and I'm so exhausted that I'm trying to get my brain straightened up so I can write them down :P

1. I just want to give a huge thank you to Nick Jr and Disney Junior for their awesome programming. Sofia loves mostly all of the shows. She's of course always been a fan of Dora and Diego, but now there are other programs like Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins and others...that have been keeping her interest and teaching her things.

You might see better without that table in the way, kidlet. Just saying.
2. Holy crap! Did we have both Easter and Sofia's birthday two weeks away from each other? Wow! No wonder I'm exhausted! Somehow I managed to get through the whirlwind of Easter candy and birthday presents. Though I'm pretty sure I gained more pounds during this whole month! But it was worth it to see my little one happy with her gifts and Easter eggs.

3. I managed to do what most normal housewives do and made a dinner from the crock pot. I had been delaying doing it for a while...only using it for experimental reasons, but on Wednesday, I decided, "Why not? Let's try a big dinner." So I made Bourbon spiced pulled chicken (which all the grown ups loved), alfredo with angel hair (which everybody loved) spinach (which only Mom and I loved) and Jiffy cornbread (that everybody loved) I was so proud of myself for putting in the crock pot the day before. One day I will get it through my head to cook it early in the day so it can be ready and hot for dinner that same day!

4. Spring cleaning is tomorrow! Thank you, Lord! I had been wanting to get it done so badly for the past few weekends, but with all the just never got there...but's you and me house! Get ready for it! *comes out with a cape* Super Housewife is ready for anything! Except spiders! That's for the king of the kingdom to take of... "Oh, honeyyyy..." I found this awesome checklist on we'll be using this one and another to guide us along the way! If you are looking to clean I recommend this!

5. It is time for me to take the micro braids out and to see how my natural hair growth is coming along.'s already been two months since I got them in? Time is going so fast. Now, if my hair would grow as fast. I'd be straight! I'd love some of Sofia's hair though; it's growing faster than I can keep up with! Long and curly and just beautiful.

With all of these good things happening...I confess that there has been a couple of things I've done that haven't been the best :P Here are my confessions for this Friday:

I confess...

That despite Sofia hunting around for all 28 eggs in our back yard...Papi and I ate the majority of the candy in them. I know...horrible but you know what else is horrible? Childhood cavities and the fillings that follow. So yeah...we ate away. She got some but enough for what I thought a two year old toddler should have.

I confess...

That I have not cleaned the house in weeks. I figured...what's the point? We're so close to Spring Cleaning...let's just not worry about it until it's time. It's a big project, but I'm so ready for it! I've been feeling so cluttered in here.

I confess...
I've haven't been the best blogger. Or the best writer. Or the best photographer this month. I've been in such a slump lately. Don't ask me why...I don't know why myself. But hopefully it will go away! I'm ready start doing something productive in a quickness!

So there you have it! A double friday linky! Hope you enjoy!
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