Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Salad Mania and Other News

There has been some changes made in the Ortiz home in what we are eating. Since I have been going to the gym, I knew that I needed to change the stuff that I eat. I eat a lot of cookies and snacks and not enough water. So we decided as a family that we are going to start eating more salads. Juan agreed even though I know that he won't just eat salad but the fact that he is ok with me eating it, is wonderful. We got a lot of fruits and veggies at WinCo and the total price was incredibly low. We should eat salads more often if that is what we look forward to price wise!

I got the idea from my future sister in law, Bianca who had made this awesome salad for my father in law's birthday get together. Simple really: lettuce, tomato, onion (which I took out) and some shredded cheese while drenched in lime juice. Excellent! Needless to say I got a load of limes for our salads.

Wow, in other news- it's...

March went by really quick it seems...but with all the stuff happening with income tax and all that I guess it makes sense. What are the plans for this month? Of course there is Easter but then there is Sofia's 2nd birthday as well. Yep that's right...my little lady is turning two! Not nearly as grown as she would think but she keeps surprising me by all of the things that she's learning how to do.

Little Miss Sofia looking cute today

Driving her son, Elmo around in the stroller

Excuse the messy hair...she always gets poofy curls
after baths
I don't really know exactly what I want to do for her birthday this year. I know that it won't be as big as her first birthday but I'll definitely have a little party with cake and ice cream and just let her have at the sweets. As for presents...she loves anything that has to do with Dora or Diego or Elmo so I'll just go from there. Maybe some mega blocks...she loves building. Whatever it is...she's getting something. I'm pretty sure her grandparents won't let her down.

Photography business is still going slow, but I joined this new website called nextdoor.com that connects our neighborhood together so whenever I get the chance I'm going to see if anybody would like to make some appointments. I really want to start making money doing something that I love to do. So hopefully this will work out.

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