Monday, April 21, 2014

My Beautiful Easter Girl

Easter was awesome! I went to the store the day before to get some Easter things and early in the morning set up Sofia's egg hunt. I also got her a basket to put the eggs in with a ducky in it. She found it right away and was given some chocolate (I know early in the morning...but we were excited and we brushed her teeth afterwards.) Then after getting her all dolled up for the day, we finally started our egg hunt. She loved it! We went to my two great aunt's house and chatted for a while. They were so happy to see Sofia because they hadn't seen her since she was born. They just adored her adorableness. Who wouldn't? I was goo at how cute she looked. We finally ended our day at my in-laws house, eating, playing Uno and just hanging out with Fatima and her growing baby belly. Still so excited to see what baby is going to be. I'm thinking it's a boy, but the baby can be any gender. Also this marks another goal made for 101 in 1001! I'm on a roll lately!

101 in 1001 Goal #68. Do a Easter egg  hunt in the backyard for Sofia 

Sofia finding her Easter basket

"Look at the candy I got, Love!"

Getting help with the chocolate

Bubbles were flying!

But she didn't care...she had the candy. NOM NOM

Sofi's new ducky

Somebody's ready for a hunt!

It took her a little bit...

...but she caught on quick


Those ponytails are love...

Spoils of the hunt

Holding on to Papi's hand.

My two loves

Sofia was amazed by the eggs

She started counting them

It was a good hunt for my little bunny.

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