Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Month of Instagram- April 2014

First time in the rain

It may be me...but somebody doesn't know she's too big...

Sofia's 2nd Easter finds

Looking good for Easter!

Sofia: The Naptime Champ!

Getting her 2 year check up

Filling up her new piggy bank

Bourbon spice pulled chicken 

With sides!

Papi and Sofi love!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Question 1- If you could be one for just 24 hours, what cereal box cartoon character would you be? Why?

That's a no brainer! I'd be this guy right here

Why? Cause he seems so cool and fun and is all for kids and exercise! That "GRRREAT" growl would be my calling card. Also he seems to be the only cereal character other than Snap, Crackle and Pop that's not running away from kids to keep his cereal safe. I tried to think if I wanted to be any of them and it was exhausting just thinking about it!

What character would you be? Comment and let's get talking!

Got this question from here

Saturday, April 26, 2014

La Princesa is Two!

Feliz cumpleaƱos, Princesa!

Today is here! Sofia is now two years old. Good Lord and Dios Mio! How did this happen? How did she just grow into a new year overnight? She looks good though huh? Sofia is never one to not be a diva when the moment strikes. Some of you might recognize this as the outfit I got for her in this previous post Wondering what she did for her 2nd birthday? Well, let's take a look.

At home

We took a nap: Always good when you know that a little lady will be a party animal that night. I wasn't taking any chances of a grumpy princess. (on another note: sister girl really needs some new sheets!)

She got her hair did: All of this pretty hairstyle was in vain because when the party started, she had a whole new hair thing going on.. *le sigh* I don't even know why I try sometimes. At least it was pretty while it lasted!

She got some new toys: Out of the majority of birthday presents she got, Papi and Mommy got her some mega bloks, and G.J. came and gave her a huge book of Minnie Mouse books. She LUBBED.

We took selfies: Mommy and Sofi were looking pretty darn good so you know we had to bring out the phone and get a few shots. Isn't she just the most beautiful thing? She really outshines me and I love it.

At Her Party

She got some MORE new toys and gifts: Yeah...this picture pretty much says it all.

Friends played in her new playhouse: Sofia's abuelito made her a house from scratch complete with insulation, windows, cabinets, patio, built in cabinets and a mailbox. I got to give it to them...they really know how to make Sofia feel special. The girls invited to the party had a blast playing in it!

Got a pinata: Dora is her favorite! can't tell in this picture set huh? She was pretty scared of the giant Dora.

Well at least she attempted to wack at her a bit and got some candy out of her. We were quite amused.

Her Papi gave her Mommy a near heart attack: When it's pinata how everybody runs to the roofs to try to help. El Rey was no exception and I made sure I watched with wary eyes while he was up on that roof.

Her Granddad came to the party: There was a majority of family there, but we were really happy that he made it to Sofia's party, well I was at least. We have really been spending more time together with him lately. He made for some good laughs and Sofia had a good time with him.

Last but not least...there was cake. A big one!: Far too much sugar for one 2-year-old, but hey that's what parties are for right? For everybody to share. It was yum! Sofia thought so too.

I'm writing this tonight and looking at my munchkin who's pretty much knocked out asleep. I guess that's what getting treated like a birthday princess will do to you. She deserves it...and so much more.

Happy birthday, mi amor. Best believe there will be many more...

Sofia's Past Birthdays

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ballerina's Garden || Princess Sofia's 2nd Birthday Photos

I've decided that every year during the week before Sofia's birthday that I want to do some pictures of her in a tutu. Either a costume that I found in a store or one that is made for me. Either way I want to get them done and photo the heck out of my little lady.

Last year if some of you haven't seen it yet, Sofia looked like this before her first birthday:

Isn't it amazing how time flies? No longer does my baby girl have the huge cheeks, or the little baby fat rolls of her arms and legs. Nope, my little lady is growing so much more taller and more lovely than before. It amazes me that I made something so beautiful. She's still just as sweet and is coming into her own little independence. Not to say that she still doesn't cling to me when she needs a little cuddle time, but sometimes I find her doing her own thing, taking care of her babies and cooking in her little kitchen; doing things that I'm pretty sure I didn't get to do at her age. So I'm happy for that and I'm going to keep her as happy as I can within reason.

Sofia's Past Birthday Photos

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Beautiful Easter Girl

Easter was awesome! I went to the store the day before to get some Easter things and early in the morning set up Sofia's egg hunt. I also got her a basket to put the eggs in with a ducky in it. She found it right away and was given some chocolate (I know early in the morning...but we were excited and we brushed her teeth afterwards.) Then after getting her all dolled up for the day, we finally started our egg hunt. She loved it! We went to my two great aunt's house and chatted for a while. They were so happy to see Sofia because they hadn't seen her since she was born. They just adored her adorableness. Who wouldn't? I was goo at how cute she looked. We finally ended our day at my in-laws house, eating, playing Uno and just hanging out with Fatima and her growing baby belly. Still so excited to see what baby is going to be. I'm thinking it's a boy, but the baby can be any gender. Also this marks another goal made for 101 in 1001! I'm on a roll lately!

101 in 1001 Goal #68. Do a Easter egg  hunt in the backyard for Sofia 

Sofia finding her Easter basket

"Look at the candy I got, Love!"

Getting help with the chocolate

Bubbles were flying!

But she didn't care...she had the candy. NOM NOM

Sofi's new ducky

Somebody's ready for a hunt!

It took her a little bit...

...but she caught on quick


Those ponytails are love...

Spoils of the hunt

Holding on to Papi's hand.

My two loves

Sofia was amazed by the eggs

She started counting them

It was a good hunt for my little bunny.

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