Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To-Know-Me-Tuesday #4

Time for Round 4 of To-Know-Me Tuesday! WOOT!!! Yes, I know that it's not spring yet exactly but it is March and just seeing this picture makes me crave spring so badly. Texas needs to get on the ball and bring in some permanent warmth...or at least for six months anyway. Here are this week's ten random facts about me.

1. Because I was an army brat growing up, I moved all over the place. But even after that, I moved from home to home depending on where my mother wanted us. Because of that I nearly went a different school every year. Some I stayed for the whole year and others...part.

2. My all time favorite animals are lions. I used to just say lionesses when I was younger because I loved how powerful they were and how they were able to get food for the whole pride. I wasn't too fond of male lions and really I'm still not but know I realize that they have to do what they need to do to protect the pride too.

3. I had a knee injury when I was 14. I was dancing around in my house by myself and my knee cap slid out of place and back in. (OUCHIE, right?) I was in pain with a swollen knee for about 6 hours because my mom was out at a late interview. I was taken to a doctor and had to wear a brace and crutches.

4. I used to hate roller coasters with a passion and there are still some that I won't ride at all (ex: the Texas Giant, Mr. Freeze and the Titan) My dad put me on the Texas Giant when I was 7 and the rest was history, but after getting over my fear so I can ride roller coasters at Disney World, they are actually pretty fun to ride on.

5. My favorite soda: Jarritos and it has to be Limon. No other flavor matches that one.

6. I had a dog named Sammie. She's a muttling- half  German Shepherd/ half Rottie but all sweetheart. I had her since she was a puppy and she's now 13. Pretty old for doggie years. ETA: Sammiegirl passed on in May. I miss her so much and I wish things had been different so that she could have left in peace lying comfortably at my feet.

7.  I love animated movies and cartoons and I'm not ashamed of it. I will sit and watch Dexter's Laboratory or Inuyasha and have fun doing it. I miss the old cartoons though like Ed Edd and Eddy. These new ones  like Adventure Time, Regular Show and Chowder don't do it for me. I can't stand Spongebob either.

8. I sometimes wonder if I should have been a food critic because I love food. I love studying what I eat and thinking about the spices and flavors that were made in it.

9. I am a late owl...but I can still wake up in the morning when Sofia wakes up. I've seen enough mothers sleeping through their babies crying to last me a lifetime. It won't happen with my child.

10. I  love the Japanese word and symbol for dream. I have a banner in my kitchen and a necklace with it on there. It reminds me what I'm working for in life...my dream to be successful and happy.

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