Sunday, March 2, 2014

La Reina es Muy Feliz...

So after some hard work and planning, things are changing in the Ortiz Kingdom. First off, we are getting a lot more sleep because as I had stated before, Sofia wasn't sleeping at the right time at night. She would be hitting the hay with Juan about 10 or 11. Way way too late for a little princess. But at the time I didn't know how else to put her to sleep. She would cry and cry and cry or would just stand around in her crib. So after rocking her I would just ask Juan to lay with her when he went to sleep.

In that...our sleep hasn't been the same. But now...

Because I used to work in a day care years before, I remembered that the toddlers would take naps during the day at a certain time. Sofia takes naps too but my mistake was that I was putting her to sleep and letting her just sleep until she woke up. So she would be too rested at night time. I decided to start putting her to sleep at noon (granted she would either have a early lunch or eat when she woke up) and then giving her an hour nap; waking her up at 1 on the dot or fifteen minutes later. After that we would play and and watch shows before I give her some time outside. That way when Juan gets home...we eat, she spends some time with Juan before I get her into the tub and into the bed at 9.

She cries for a bit before PASSING OUT ASLEEP in the crib.


In that...we get more parent time to ourselves and also gets us in the bed at earlier times. I used to stay up really late like until 1 am, but now I find myself starting to go to sleep earlier too. Yay for sleep!

We got our tax return money and I've already made some good purchases from Amazon and Zulily. I am falling in love more and more with Zulily. They have adorable stuff.

Here are the things I bought from there

For Me:

Hopefully this will fit me...I got a XL
Back of said shirt

A mom and me shirt set. I just had to because the caption is
completely true!
For Sofia:

Isn't this jumper just adorbs?! And perfect for Spring/Summer

So so pretty

Some new pjs for spring and summer time. Those
seasons get hot in TX.
I have to feels good to be able to get something cute for my little one and myself. She deserves it and I think I do a bit too. It's nice to pamper yourself from time to time...Even when you don't think you do.

I'll keep updates on when we get the clothes and pictures are sure to follow!

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