Monday, March 31, 2014

A Month of Instagram- March 2014

These two warm my heart on cold nights!

But this fire does too!

Sofia is loving the fire Juan made and is just chillin'

Looks like she's learned a lot since when she was one month.

My favorite smile

Can't say she's not mine...

Not only my hubby...but my best friend too.

Got them micros!

Starting my poke cake's filling

As you can see, it was delicious

YASS! NO BUTT SHOT at the hospital!

Something Snapped is official!

Sofia's first time seeing an airport and an airplane

About to go to San Antonio!

Pretty Skies

Mor purdy skies

My little airplane trooper

Plane ride cuddles

Cloudy much?

That tag says this baby is mine. I agree

Who would want to wake this beauty up?

More beautiful than a rainbow.

Nature, you beautiful.

Throwback to when my boodah was sucking on chicken
bones and sitting in a bumbo.

Future writer like Mommy?

I hope so...since she already has her license!

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