Monday, March 31, 2014

A Month of Instagram- March 2014

These two warm my heart on cold nights!

But this fire does too!

Sofia is loving the fire Juan made and is just chillin'

Looks like she's learned a lot since when she was one month.

My favorite smile

Can't say she's not mine...

Not only my hubby...but my best friend too.

Got them micros!

Starting my poke cake's filling

As you can see, it was delicious

YASS! NO BUTT SHOT at the hospital!

Something Snapped is official!

Sofia's first time seeing an airport and an airplane

About to go to San Antonio!

Pretty Skies

Mor purdy skies

My little airplane trooper

Plane ride cuddles

Cloudy much?

That tag says this baby is mine. I agree

Who would want to wake this beauty up?

More beautiful than a rainbow.

Nature, you beautiful.

Throwback to when my boodah was sucking on chicken
bones and sitting in a bumbo.

Future writer like Mommy?

I hope so...since she already has her license!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pictures of the Day

Today my aunt, Kim and my little cousins Kearrah and M'Kya came over to visit with Sofia and after talking a little went outside to watch her drive her little electric motor bike. These are some candids I got of them today.







Friday, March 28, 2014

Confessional Friday Time!

1. I confess that I had just now...bought a new mop. The kitchen floor was disgusting and I'm terrified to know what the living room floor will look like. I had a Swiffer but it was getting tiring having to keep buying refills. I'm  happy to know that I will have cleaner floors now.

2. I confess that we need a spring cleaning day to clean up this tornado that is my house. Time to throw away and organize before I go completely crazy!

3. I confess that I have been feeling fat. After a recent trip to the doctor and a chance to stand on the scale...YEP. So what did I do? I joined a 24 hour fitness! Sweat galore! I also was able to find a friend that was up to being my own free personal trainer. God is good! I'm also a very sore lady right now, but I know that will get better!

Happy Friday to all!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh Me, Oh My

Some new things have started for me now. First off, this I don't do very often but I figured, if I'm going to be doing photography as my business...I can't rely on my clients for transportation. I'm going to have to get my license. So yesterday, I noticed that we didn't have anything to drink so I asked Juan if I could take a short drive to get something from the gas station. At first I really thought that he was going to be like "Hell no! That's my truck! My're going wreck her!" But no... He just said, "All right." So I got the keys and drove! I was a bit's different kind of nervous when you are just driving by yourself. But at least I know I can get to a place and not kill myself. I even parked back in the driveway correctly. I was proud of myself.

Secondly, I have finally gotten a gym membership. I have just been noticing that I have gained a lot of weight lately (in fact...I'll tell you how much I weigh currently...I'M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT- 255lbs.) I just feel lazy and gross and I am starting to not be able to fit my shirts and other things. So it's time to start losing it. I meet my a physical trainer today named Alden who's going to put a plan together for me. Which is good because I wouldn't even know where to start. 

There is a pool and Zumba and hip hop dancing. I am just so stoked for all of this and I'm ready to look and feel better! Wish me luck!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Double doses of link ups this Friday as I won't be here next Friday to do them!

1. We are stocked with food! Why is this so exciting? Because we were able to get a bunch more food for a lot less money. Usually we go to Wal Mart to buy groceries, but Juan and I had noticed that a new store called Win Co was being made near our house. Now that it's open, we had been able to shop closer to home. Our price when we went shopping at Wal Mart was $200 or so...which is fine. But at WinCo, we were able to get twice as much food and it was only 64 more dollar more than at Wal Mart...So, guess what is the Ortiz family's new supermarket?

2. It's Lent time for Juan and his family so he has given up junk food. It seems to be what he gives up every year and he does a good job of sticking to it, so I decided that I'm going to do my 101 things goal and not eat sweets for a whole month. We'll see how long I can stick to it.

3. I have finally been able to get stuff for myself after getting our tax return. It feels so nice to be able to look and feel like a woman when I need to. Getting my hair done and getting some clothes and other things for myself is something I'm not used to doing because our money is so tight...but this is a heavenly time right now and I have to thank the Lord and my husband for blessing us with this.

The seat belt is not as uncomfortable as it looks.

4. I went to Urgent Care to get looked at because I have been having consistent congestion. Last time I felt like this, I had early pnuemonia and they had to give me a butt shot of antibiotics. So needless to say I was thrilled when they told me all I needed was some meds and not a needle in one of my cheeks!

5. I tried my hand at making vanilla poke cake with vanilla pudding after seeing some recipes on was something new that's for sure. I made it so late in the evening thanks to the new hour change...but it worked out and was delicious.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Something Snapped is Official

Take a look at that! Step one is completed and now my photography business is real and recognized in the state of TX. ( does a mixture of the cabbage patch and the running man in happiness) See...dreams can come true but as Princess Tiana states: It takes some hard work to make it come true too. Not everybody has fairy godmothers like Cinderelly does.

What's next on the agenda? Making sure that Eric, Bianca, Jonathan and our neighbors get the photos they want. I can't just take their pictures and not let them have them! Then after that I will start thinking about pricing. I was thinking about $100 for a session, taking pictures where ever is needed and then after editing a bit, giving the client a USB to pick their pictures that they want to print up at a photo center. This is until I can get my own photo printer. But so far it seems like a good idea.

I've been wishing and dreaming about this for a long time. Now it's time to make it happen!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time to Start Branching Out

I love my blog...this is for sure...but it's getting kind of lonely here. I really want to connect more with other bloggers, especially mommy bloggers. I would love to get more followers of course but more than that I just want more friends who can connect with me. So with that being said, I think I'm going to start commenting more and following more blogs so I can read more about peoples lives. Don't underestimate me, I will read somebody's blog from start to finish just so I can catch up to speed. But I think like me, many people just want people to read and comment so that they know that people are interested in what they are writing about.

Simple as that right? 

I have a feeling that it really isn't. Some people aren't so interested in the topics others write about, others are just too lazy to write a included. But I know that I'm going to start doing better and try to make a difference. I can't wait to see the friendships that come forth out of this.

I've also decided to put To-Know-Me Tuesdays on hold until I get more friends and followers. It's just not as fun when there is nobody linking up. Once I do then we can start knowing each other better than before! Can't wait for that! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Today I...

I wore: Turquoise plaid shirt with beige belt, blue jeans and brown boots. Hair was in half up half down style

I did: Spent the day with my hubby. Went shopping at the mall and then visited my mother in the ER (she had another sinus infection)

I cooked: Nothing. Had IHOP for brunch and ate snacks throughout the day and ramen for dinner.

I listened to: All of Me by John Legend

Best Part of the Day: I got some adult time with Juan. We don't get that time often and so when we are able...we grasp it. I also was able to feel more like a woman by buying some new clothes. I even got some sunglasses.

Photo of the Day

My outfit of the day. Shirt: Deb

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Advancing Something Snapped

Kind of the vision for SS's logo...we'll see.

So I've been doing these practice photoshoots for a couple of months now and so far I'm getting the hang of them. I still need to look for some classes to take. There is one that I'm thinking about doing. It's $98.00 for the beginners class and I'll look into that.

As for editing...picmonkey isn't going to cut it forever so I'm thinking about purchasing Creative Cloud membership too. That way I can do pictures and edit as much as I want, without having to buy that expensive stuff like Photoshop and Lightroom.

I am starting to get ready to get my business license for SS and so far it's making my mind spin. I'm not sure which one to get just yet. I know I'm a novice if I can't even do this. But I'm determined to make it work because in the end...this just might be what I do for a living. Either that or writing about food. LOL.

Either way...Something Snapped is going to be a reality. One way or another and I'm going to love taking the journey.

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