Thursday, February 20, 2014

Working on Sleep and Money

Sofia has been going to sleep at a good time this whole week. Why is that? Because one...we've taken away her daily nap to see how she does at night time and then we have been stimulating her with going outside to play and also playing inside as well with games and dancing and cuddletime.

It seems to be working. She still likes to fight it from time to time, but nobody said this was going to be an easy journey to partake in. I still have to rock her to sleep but that's ok. I don't mind while she is still so young. Just as long as she stays asleep I'm good with it.

I know it's been a while since I have written daily but things have been a bit slow in my life not to mention I have had some horrible internet problems. The connection would go off and on and off and on and I was just so tired of reconnecting the modem and the router repeatedly

Finally somebody has come out and helped with the signal. It's still not completely fixed, but I haven't lost connection so far so if it's not broke don't fix it.

Juan and I filed our taxes. Thank you, Lord because we are in such  need of things it's not even funny. We are getting about 6800, which is pretty good. Now usually, I'm not a money hungry person but when you don't have the things you need or aren't able do normal things like getting your hair done or having more than one pair of gets you craving for something more. Out of the money we are getting back, I'll be getting 2000 that I'm completely happy with. I got the same amount last year too, but I had a debt with Social Security that took away more than half of it. I hated that but I loved it at the same time because it wiped the rest of my debt.

Some of the things that I will do when the money comes in is first off, close off my Wells Fargo account. I have been overdrafted by them for a long time, but the reason is they have a monthly fee and being unemployed, it's not like I have the money to pay that. So I will be finding a bank that's not so bad. My mom uses Chase and seeing as she's looking for a new job like me I figure I'll try there. Next I'll be getting my hair done because...DAMN. Yeah, it's that bad. Micro braids is what I'm working towards. Then I'll be getting my phone screen fixed and getting paint for our bedroom that hasn't been finished in a year! Ridic! After all of the important stuff gets done...then I'll focus on getting some good clothes and things for me and Sofia. We definitely need it. Maybe some new shirts for Juan too. We don't get good chances to feel good about ourselves by getting things.

Even with such a amount of can make a lot of happiness for us.

Let's hear it for good sleep at night and good money to spend!



  1. Oh I know so much of how you feel about that money situation. I sooooo need my hair done and to play catch up on bills too. I look like a skunk with my roots grown out! haha ...good to see your happiness :)

  2. Thank you! I try my best not to ask for too much stuff because I grew up struggling, but sometimes you just have to get stuff for yourself. I hope we can both get our hair situations taken care of!


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