Monday, February 24, 2014

What I'm Watching: Teen Wolf

I confess that I am a fan of the MTV Teen Wolf series. I started watching it last year and have caught up all the way to this other half of Season 3. (BTW: It's really irritating to me that all of the shows are starting to separate into two halves. Why can't we just have it the way it was...just one long season?)

I've watch the  first new episode and I have to say...I'm intrigued. The fact that Stiles is having problems reading is so freaky. Scott looks yummy and a half and I love that we are seeing more of his douchebag dad in this season so I can see Scott chewing him out for not being there. His mother is being awesome despite the fact that the human boy that she gave birth to now has fangs and claws and red eyes. She even helps him calm down when he is about to lose control of himself.

I think it's kind of weird how Lydia seems to be the calm one out of everybody this time around. She is always the one freaking out about something.

This new girl Kira seems cool so far...can't wait to see what happens between her and Scott because already he's losing control over her hotness obviously. Come on, True Alpha...get control already!

Time to watch the next episode...can't wait.

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