Thursday, February 20, 2014

If I Were...

Reading around I saw this fun looking post from Lena B and you know I had to go for it! I love stuff like this where I can tell you more about myself. (NOPE...not big-headed at all :P)

A month. I'd be May
A country. Japan. It's wacky, fun and beautiful all at once
A time of day.  Noon. Food time is usually at this time 
A sea animal. Sea Lion
A direction. South. Warmer the better
A liquid.  Hot Cocoa
A gemstone.  Ruby
A tree.  No idea. I don't know about many trees...
A game.  I'd love to be the game Life
A famous painting.  the girl with the pearl earring. Somewhat plain with just a piece that can change my look instantly.
A flower.  I would be a tulip!
A kind of weather.  I'd be sunny summer day
A musical instrument.  I'd be drums
A piece of furniture.  Computer desk!
A color.  I'd be purple
A means of transportation.  I'd be a horse running free
An emotion.  I would be mixed emotions
A fruit.  I'd be a pineapple. 
A sound.  I'd be steady hip hop beat to keep people dancing.
A vehicle.  a Charger
A place. a dance studio
A taste.  I'd be cinnamon sugar
A scent.  Sweet Pea
An animal.  Lioness, for serious
A random object.  Book. I'd want people to read my story.
A body part.  I know it seems weird...but foot. That way I could dance.
A song.  I'd be "The Greatest Love of All."
An item of clothing.  I would want to be an ankle bracelet. You don't seem them a lot...but they are so purdy.

If you've already participated or decide to do a post of your own, link up to it in the comments!!

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