Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting to Know the Queen (Confessional Friday)

It's really late...but I didn't get a chance to do my Confessional Friday as I had to celebrate my hubby's birthday! He's 29 today and still looking sexy! I love my spicy burrito! But this Confessional Friday is different and it's getting to know me. I know that I do To-Know-Me Tuesdays so you can know more about me as well, it there is never enough opportunities to know somebody and so I have no problem doing this link up!

My name is Brittney P. Ortiz and I'm 28, born on July 17, 1985. I'm an all right person I guess. I like me. It takes me a little bit to warm up to you but when I out cause I'm a goofball and I will do anything to make you laugh.

I live in Ft. Worth, TX in this beautiful house right here. Please know that our grass looks nothing like that right now! But we'll be changing it soon enough. I was born in Texas and have only ever lived in one other state as a child: Louisiana. But I'm a Texas sweetie and hopefully will always stay that way. But you never know...the Lord might have another plan for us.

Me and my husband, Juan

Me and my Boodah Bear

I'm currently a stay at home mom to my little munchkin Sofia and honestly I love it this way. Being close to Sofia all day while working on my writing is like a dream to me. Things are going to have to change however as my hubby needs a bit of help with the bills and the house.

I have a huge family as does Juan. So much so that I won't be able to put them all on this can see them on their family profiles as I make them. But generally speaking, other than Juan, Sofia and myself, there is my mom, Tracy. She gets her own area here because she's so awesome and because she lives with us in our house.

My mom as you can see is stylish and full of charisma. She knows everything about me and is my best friend. Currently she is a certified etiquette teacher and also a blogger like me at Silver Fox Style. I came close to losing her two weeks before Sofia was born to a severe asthma attack. As a result I'm always trying to make sure she's ok...

(l to r:) Chapo, Armida, Carmelo, Mike, Mom, Daniel, Juan Jr. Juan Sr. Me
Eva, Ruben, Sofia, Alicia, Martha, Jorge and Dad
This is majority of my family and familia together...and that's missing people! There are so many more!

I am a writer and have been for a long time. I currently write multicultral erotic romance. Yeah...that's right...that Fifty Shades stuff. I currently have a novel I'm writing on called Take Two and Call Me in the Morning that I'm really proud of as I don't normally write from beginning to end. I take that as a good sign. 

I started writing this blog at first because I wanted people to know about my life. But as my pregnancy with Sofia progressed, I started ignoring my blog. Fast forward to now...and I have given my blog a new look and a new name as I'm trying to live my life to fullest while balancing two cultures. I'm in love with my blog and in love with reading other lifestyle blogs. I love that everybody has a story to tell. 

Here's more random things about me:

- I have Aspergers Syndrome and was diagnosed when I was 15. Because of that I take pleasure in things that are more so too immature for people of my age and I'm socially awkward with people my age and older. If you have seen the fan boards on my Pinterest, hopefully this will explain them.

-I went to Disney World when I was 21 with my mom. It was that or Jamaica. I picked the right choice!

-Speaking of Jamaica, I went there with Juan when I turned 25. 

-I can't stand to sleep with socks on. 

-I love food. A lot. 

-My favorite animals are lions, followed by polar bears and Clydesdales.

-I'm a late owl...but still am able to get up in the morning thanks to my little human alarm clock.

-I have a weird phobia where if I see things in bunches, I freak out. (think ants in a smushed antpile)

-I have a younger sister and brother. I barely know my brother.

-I don't have a drivers license. Hopefully this year that will change.

-I love making new friends.

-I love the show Grey's Anatomy.

So that's pretty much me in a nutshell! Hope you it's off to bed for me! I'm exhausted. 

On a special note though: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY KING! I hope you didn't think I forgot you! Muah!


  1. I am a writer and I want to be published so badly. I would love to talk to you. Also I love the architecture of your house. That window!

    1. I noticed that you were a writer on your blog! I'm sorry to say that I haven't been published just yet, but I always love to have writing buddies. I am on my way to follow your blog now!

      As for the house, I love the window too! It's one of the many reasons I wanted this house (well that and the garden tub!)

  2. Hey Brittney, I love your confessional and Sophia is such a cutie pie!




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