Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Member Profile- Fatima

Fatima is my new sister-in-law who married Daniel on December 13th 2013. They were supposed to get married on his birthday but a harsh winter storm came through then so the courthouse wouldn't let them get the ceremony done.

Fatima as I have known her so far is a sweetheart. She's always helpful and kind and she loves spending time with Sofia.

Even though I've only known her for a little while, I think she is so awesome. She's a good mixture of culture, girliness, fun and toughness. She's sweet from the get go and then out of nowhere says things that just crack me up. She is fluent in Spanish like Juan is so she teaches me certain words that I get wrong or don't understand.

She loves good music and just being around family. But I know that she doesn't take crap from anybody, even her husband. She stands up for herself and also for me too. She knows Bianca and Ruben and Juan from a long time go and I love that because of that she just treats me like them. Like I'm not different at all.

Finally, now because of her, I'm going to be a aunt a second time! Yep, she and Daniel are already expecting their firstborn. Maybe I'm just mushy...but I love hearing stuff like that. I love knowing that she's going to go through the amazing journey of pregnancy just like I did. I wish nothing but happiness for Fatima and my brother-in-law and I know that our relationship as sisters is going to be stronger day by day.

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  1. Aw! Congrats! She is beautiful and family can be a blessing (I stress the word "can" hahaha).


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