Friday, February 14, 2014

A Day of Love with My Angel

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Even though Valentines Day fell on a Friday, my hubby took me out to dinner. I got all dressed up for him and then realized that what he decided to wear looked exactly like mine. That's kind of cute, right? Or just crazy tacky? I'm not sure but I loved him anyway. We then drove all the way to downtown to eat at Esperanza's. We have been eating at Esperanza's for years now and it's one of our go to spot for just us. We chatted and had a great time just catching up on things from our lives. It's hard to do that when life is hitting us hard all around, with jobs and parenting and bills. I'm glad we found this time to even go out. I know sometimes, things are difficult for us as spouses but we must be doing something right because here we are on Valentines Day, still going strong. I'm glad he's willing to still go down this sometimes rocky road with me. I love him very much.

Me and my twin who is also my lover who is also my...
husband? *goes to grab eraser for this caption*

Mmm...barbacoa. My fave.

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