Wednesday, February 12, 2014

365 Character Questions- Aija's February


1. What is your character's favorite beverage?
Moscoto Wine

2. What is your character's least favorite food?
Tofu (which is what Hikaru is fond of cooking and eating)

3. What does the color blue make your character think of? How does it make him feel?
Oceans and skies- calms her down. There are times where seeing a kind of blue triggers memories of the night when she was taken away from her mom.

4. How does your character feel when he visits someone in the hospital (or other major medical facility)?
She pities them but tries to cheer them up

5. Has your character ever had surgery (or other major medical treatment)?
C-section during Natsuki’s birth

6. Does your character gamble? Is she/he good at it?
No, but she’s good at playing poker (Derrick taught her)

7. Does your character know how to swim?

8. How does your character feel about large bodies of water?
She feels fine about them. She loves looking at the ocean and riding ferry boats

9. Does your character have any phobias? What are they and how intense are they? How have they impacted his life?
Needles- it reminds her of her mother’s drug addition

10. What does the color purple make your character think of? How does it make him feel?
 I'll come back to this one.

11. Your character lies on his back on a summer day and looks up at the clouds. What images does he see in their shapes?
Most likely cats or dogs.

12. A terrible crime has been committed, and evidence points to your character's guilt. He didn't commit the crime, but he doesn't have an immediate way to prove it. What does he do?
She would probably cry at the unfairness of it all.

13. Your character witnesses a terrible crime being committed, and he sees the perpetrator's face. He also knows that the perpetrator has friends in high places. What does he do?
She would probably keep it to herself for safety reasons, but have the urge to tell Derrick.

14. Your character sees someone get hit by a car; they're still alive but obviously badly injured. No one else is nearby to help. What does he do?
Get out her car immediately to see if she can help in someway and at the same time, call Hikaru for advice.

15. What is your character's favorite piece of clothing?
It’s a three way tie between, heels, fancy lingerie and pearls

16. How does your character dress on a typical day?
On weekdays, it’s usually a business type of outfit with heels. Weekends consist of more casual clothing, she always has fancy underwear underneath it all.

17. What is your character's earliest clear memory?
Dancing and singing in a living room in front of family members that she can’t recall.

18. How well can your character defend himself in a fight? Has he ever had to?
Aija can fight pretty good with her fists if need be. She used to fight in high school with Nakya

19. Is your character introspective?
At times.

20. How opinionated is your character? Does he like to share those opinions with others or keep them to himself?
Aija can be very opinionated. She tries to give advice to help but not always.

21. Is your character confident or overconfident? Does he lack confidence?
Very confident. She doesn’t look down on herself and knows she’s trying her best in life.

22. What hobby or side interest is most important to your character?
Learning new cooking recipes, exercising, etiquette training

23. Open your character's wallet, purse, or briefcase. What do you find?
wallet, make up bag, pens, post its, compact mirror, car keys, gloves (winter), work badge.

24. Open up your character's drawers or wardrobe and describe what you find inside.
Drawers: Top- panties, lingerie. Second- pajamas, socks. Third- tees, halters. Fourth- Casual pants, jeans. Fifth- Karma’s clothing

25. What does your character's bedroom typically look like?
Brown or tan paint, white bedspread with lots of soft pillows on her queen sized bed, a few plants and flowers. white rug.

26. What style of furniture does your character prefer?
Comfortable sofas and chairs

27. What style of furniture would your character never purchase?
Grandfather clock

28. Your character moves into a new home. What's the first thing he buys for it?

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